Britain, Europe, and the World (1975-90)

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When was the Berlin Wall brought down?1990
When are where did Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington finally resolved the Rhodesia situation?The Lancaster House Conference in London in 1980
Who led the Zimbabwe-Rhodesia regime?Robert Mugabe
What was Margaret Thatcher frequently accused of, regarding the South African Apartheid regime? Falling to put enough pressure on them
The Falkland's War represented Britain's biggest military action since when? 1945
The Falkland Islands, 300 miles east of the South American mainland, had been a British Colony and Naval Base since when?1833
In what year was Argentinian Independence, at which point that declared "Las Malvinas" as their own?1817
Who ran the Falkland Islands, a community populated largely by sheep farmers? The Falkland Island Company
From 1971, what involvement did Argentina have within the Falkland Islands? The only air-link was run by an Argentinian airline, and they supplied their energy needs.
Although the Islanders wished to remain British, prior to the occupation, what were foreign office officials willing to do regarding the Falklands?Negotiate with Argentina over their future
Who were the British Foreign Secretary and Defence Secretary, that, in 1981, ordered the withdrawal of HMS Endurance from the Falklands, leaving them with no naval presence?Lord Carrington and John Nott
Who had been in power in Argentina since 1976?The Junta
Why did General Galtieri send a force to invade the Falklands?He interpreted as a hint that Britain was willing to let the Falklands go
Why can the resignation of Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington, over the Falklands crisis, be considered principles?He advised against the withdrawal of HMS Endurance but had been overruled
Where the fleet, heading to the Falklands, given an emotional send-off? Portsmouth Harbour
What was the headline in American magazine Newsweek, regarding the Falklands War?"The Empire Strikes Back"
What did UN Resolution 502 attempt to do?Encourage Argentina to pull her troops back
Why did Britain require American support for the Falklands War?Because the war was 8 000 miles away from home, so they needed the use of American bases such as Ascension Island
What was the name of the Argentine battleship, sunk by a British Submarine on the May 2, ending hopes of a diplomatic solution?General Belgrano
Although the Sun proclaimed "GOTCHA", why was the sinking of the Belgrano controversial, provoking the condemnation of anti-war protesters?The ship was steaming away from the battle-zone at the time
Which British ship was sunk by an Exocet missile?The HMS Sheffield
What was the name of the passage, colloquially known as 'bomb alley', where British troops landed on May 21? San Carlos Water
When did the Argentinian forces surrender? June 14
Why did some believe fighting a war over the Falklands was unnecessary? Because they would end up having to negotiate over it anyway
Some have suggested that the Nationalistic euphoria over the Falkland War weakened links with who?Europe
What did Thatcher denounced the BBC and the Archbishop of Canterbury as, after not joining in the Falklands euphoria?"Wets"
When did diplomatic negotiations with Argentina re-open?1989
How did the Falklands War affect the situation with Gibraltar?It made it less likely that Britain would force the people of Gibraltar to accept it being handed over to Spain
What did length negotiations with China decide? Foundations were laid for the eventual handover of Hong Kong in 1997

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Why did Thatcher's personality and political style ruffle other European leaders?They favoured consensual politics
Where did Thatcher give a forthright speech on Europe in 1988?Bruges
When did Thatcher achieve a rebate for Britain's contributions to the EEC?1984
What were Thatchers thoughts on the Single European Market negotiated in 1985-86?She was enthusiastic about it
With which French President did Thatcher have a close working relationship? Francois Mitterand
Which symbolic link between Britain and France was agreed in 1986 and opened in 1994?The Channel Tunnel
Was the consensus amongst Thatcher's cabinet on Europe?They were very much in favour
What was one of Thatcher's reasons for hoping the EEC would expand to contain new Eastern European States?It would weaken the power of the European Commission in Brussels
What did Thatcher's 1988 Bruges speech emphasise?The EEC was a trade association between sovereign states, and should not morph into a federal system
After Thatcher clashed with the European Commission and it's President Jacques Delores in 1990, what was the headline of the Sun?"UP YOURS DELORS"
Which Conservatives were troubled by Thatcher's increased 'Euroscepticism?' Geoffrey Howe and John Major
Why did Thatcher clash with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, despite them being politically similar? They could not stand one another, partially due to differences in style and temperament, and partially due to Thatcher's Anti-German view of history
Why did Thatcher support Gorbachev's vision of a neutral federal Germany? She feared the prospect of a united Germany dominating Europe if the old East Germany was swallowed up by West Germany
How was Thatcher spited in 1999, during celebrations in Berlin on the tenth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall?Gorbachev and Bush Sr were invited to celebrations, but she was not

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When did Soviet forces invade Afghanistan? 1979
What didn't the West realise at the beginning of the 1980's?The Soviet Union was incredibly overstretched
Which three 'Cold War Warriors' emerged between 1979 and 1981?Reagan, Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II
When did Gorbachev assume power, and when did he begin the policies of Perestroika and Glasnost?1985 and 1987
When was Reagan inaugurated as President? January 1981
What caused Reagan to speed up plans for his "star-wars" anti-missile shield in 1983?Soviet jets shot down a Korean passenger airline KAL 007 when it strayed into Soviet airspace
What was Gorbachev's saying, regarding reform of the USSR?"If not us, who? If not now,when"
What did Thatcher remark after she first met Mr Gorbachev in 1984?"I like Mr Gorbachev... He and I can do business together"
He became the head, and hero, of a new united Germany? Helmut Kohl
How did the new, independent states of Eastern Europe perceive Margaret Thatcher? Eastern and Central Europe

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