Britain, Europe, and the World (1964-1975)

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By 1964, how many New Commonwealth states had gained independence?18
From what year, did America expand the war in Vietnam?1964
When did President De Gaulle leave the political scene?1969
When did South Africa leave the Commonwealth? 1961
When did the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland break into three separate entities? 1963
What independent state did Nothern Rhodesia become in 1964?Zambia
What did Britain demand before Southern Rhodesia was granted independence? That majority rule replaced white political domination
What did Ian Smith say, in 1965, when he came prime-minister of Rhodesia and made a Unilateral Deceleration of Independence? "I do not believe in black majority rule in Rhodesia for a thousand years"
Where, and in what year, was the Rhodesia problem finally solved?The Lancaster House Conference in 1980
In December 1966, WIlson first met Smith for face-to-face talks, where was this meeting held?HMS TIger off Gibraltar
What punishment did Wilson issue to Rhodesia, which had little affect?Oil sanctions
Where did Wilson and Smith meet for second talks, in October 1968, in which Smith appeared stronger? HMS Fearless
What was the name of the northern part of Nigeria, populated largely by the Ibo people, that attempted to become in an independent state in 1967?Biafra
What was the name of the Sandhurst educated leader of Biafra? Colonel Ojukwu
Despite public and press opinion sympathising Biafra, why did Wilson support the Nigerian government?They felt bound to the idea of territorial integrity
Who led the anti-apartheid activists which ensured that cancellation of the South African cricket tour of England in 1970?Peter Hain
Which country gave support to Smith's breakaway regime?South Africa
Which Conservative supporters opposed Heath's continuation of ineffective sanctions in Rhodesia? the Monday Club and big businesses with trade interests in South Africa
Who was sent to Rhodesia for unofficial talks in 1971, but was pessimistic about reaching a solution?Alec Douglas-Hume
What strengthened Ian Smith's position in the late 1960's?A surge in white immigration to Rhodesia
When did Marxist insurgents start a guerilla war against Smith?1972
From what point did South Africa stop giving Rhodesia significant amounts of fuel and armaments?October 1974
When did Smith accept the Kissinger Plan, drawn up by the United States, and approved by Britain and South Africa, which set out the steps for majority rule in South Africa?1976
When were multi-racial elections held, in what was now called Zimbabwe-Rhodesia?1979
What did Minister of Defence Dennis Healey aim to bring the defence budget to by 1970?Below $2 Billion
Healey's 1967 White Paper set a timetable for troop withdrawals from where?Aden, the Middle East, Malaysia, and Singapore
What costly commitment did Wilson make in 1967?To upgrade the Polaris missle system, and nuclear deterrent
What did the dramatic spending cuts in January 1968, following the devaluation crisis, cause?Withdrawal from the East of Suez was accelerated, and high-tech warplane TSR2 was abandoned
Britain had pulled out of the Gulf by 1971, by why was Heath reluctant to do so?So much of Britain's oil came from there
What did Hugh Gaitskell tell the 1962 Labour Conference, about joining the EEC?"It would be the end of a thousand years of history"
Roy Jenkins was enthusiastic about Europe, who was the 1966 foreign secretary that was equally so?George Brown
What were Harold Wilson's opinions on the EEC?He was ambivalent, he saw the economic merits of going in, but preferred the Atlantic alliance and Commonwealth links
When did Wilson's cabinet decide to apply for the EEC?October 1966
What did Wilson's biographer Ben Pimlott suggest about his EEC application?Several doubters in the Labour government only supported it, because they knew De Gaulle would veto it anyway
When did Wilson and George Brown have a positive meeting with De Gaulle in Paris?January 1967
What did De Gaulle demand in June 1967, when he met De Gaulle for a second meeting?That Britain detach itself from the 'special relationship' with America
When did De Gaulle finally veto Britain's second EEC application?November 1967
Who was the French President, in 1971, that was convinced that the EEC need Britain?George Pompidou
When did Britain, along with Ireland and Denmark, finally join the EEC?January 1973
The very decision to hold a referendum on Europe could be interpreted as a lack of commitment, but what was the consequence of the vote?The 'in's' won by two-to-one
What did Heath suggest, which infuriated American Secretary Henry Kissinger, who wished to use Britain as a link with Europe?The US should negotiate with all nine states and no use Britain as a go between
Insufficient British involvement, in which wars, damaged the special relationship?Vietnam, the 1973 Middle East Crisis, and the Yom Kippur War
Where was a massive demonstration regarding the Vietnam War held in 1968?the American Embassy in London
Why do Britain, alongside other European states, refuse the US permission to do?Use NATO bases as a go-between, for an airlift of supplies to Isreal

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