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Conditions that would initiate an evacuation?*Unusual Noise*Fires Sparks Smoke *Impact Forces * Abnormal AC attitude
When would an FA or Flight Deck Crew Member initiate an evacuation?Once the AC is at a complete Stop
Basic Principal use of exitsWay to get out
30 Second ReviewE.- Exit S- Signal C-Command A-Assess P-Procedure E-Equipment
General Evacuation Commands and Actions* Braces Yourself *Open your seat belts Get out Leave everything * Come this way Leave everything*Help at Bottom Help at Bottom *Assess * Jump and Slide
Alternate Commands and Procedures*Stand back, Stand back * stay on your feet Jump and slide *Roll off the side *Move * raise those hands
Identify escape emergency lighting systemsWhite Light and Red at Exits
Operation of the emergency lightsLights come on automatically with loss of AC power . The lights can also be activated by the Emergency Light Switch
What is the Flight deck crews responsibility during an evacuation?First Officer is the first one off the plane and takes a Halon, The Captain is the last one off the AC and gets a Flash Light
Explain Blocked/Jammed Exit ProceduresRaise International Stop Sign , Shout Exit Blocked Assign and ABP to guard exit , Tell them to GUARD THIS EXIT, Look for a usable exit , get guard and use secondary exit
How to properly perform redirection techniques/flow controlE- Elevate A-Assess R-Redirect
Procedures to Evacuate while at the gateUse the Slides
Emergency DeplaningUse Jetbridge
An Unauthorized EvacuationIf an passenger sees condensation in the cabin
Procedures for PAX with Special Needsnon ambulatory assist when other PAX have left AC, help them down the slide feet first
Procedures for evacuationg with a lap child/infantGrab child wrap then jump and slide

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In what order should the Planned Emergency Checklist be performedIn chronological order , do not skip unless the Captain tells you to do so
What is TEST?T- Type Of Emergency E- Is an evacuation need S-Signal for Evacuation T- How much time do we have
What is the BRACE Position for PAX?Sit as far back in the seat as possible or Bend as far forward as possible and wrap arms under knees
What is the Brace Position for a Taller PAX?Sit far back in seat , cross wrists and place on forward seat back, lean forward and place forehead on wrists
Brace for Pregnant Women?Pad Stomach area with blankets and pillows
Brace for Lap Children?Child Safety Seat is Ideal if none available make sure seat belt is around Adult only , place child on the seat front between adults legs, instruct adult to lock arms around the child and bend over child, for infants provide support to the head, neck and body
How many ABP do you need for each door exits?2 people per door
How Many ABP do you need for Window exits1 per window
What do you brief the ABP at the doors?You want to select military, non rev flyers, or deadheading FAs,Tell them assess the door by looking out to see if there is any fires, obstructions, or dangters . If its clear to evacuate then follow the arrows on the door
What do you do in Total Darkness?Grab Flashlight
Purpose Of OEC during Preflightcheck to see if its up to date
When missing at base stationCall Maintenance
when missing at non base stationcall station manager
Is the OEC a no go itemNo it is noto
What to do after the Captain tells you of an electrical shutdownGrab flash light and megaphone