Brianna Bautista-West Africans

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Question Answer
What is West Africa?It is region rich in natural recources,and its people have long been traders.
What made West Africa popular?They had rich recources and extensive trade brought fabulous wealth.
What are some things that West Africans traded?West Africans traded a wide variety of goods,such as gold, ivory, salt and food.
What are extended famalies?Extended families have a father, mother, children and close relatives in one household.
What is a Silent Barter?Is the process in which people exchange goods without ever contacting each other directly.
What did Silent Barter do?They go to the riverbank near the goldfields.There they left slabs of salt in rows and beat a drum to tell the gold miners the trading has begun.
How did Ghanas rulers got rich?They got rich controlling the trade in salt and gold.
Where did salt come from?Salt came from the north in large slabs.
What happend after Mali broke apart?Moronccans invaded and destroyed the empire.
What do the empires of Ghana and Mali not have in common?They both suffrered from invasion.
How did trade affect the trade the devepment of towns?Places where traders met grew into towns.
What was Timbuktu?Became a major trading city at the end at the height of Mali's power under Masa Musa.
What is oral history?Is a spoken recordof past events.
What are griots?They are West Africans storytellers.
What are proverbs?They are short sayings of wisdom or truth.
What was the job of the giots?Had the job of remembering and passing on their people's history.
Why mar an oral history provide different information than a written account?Oral history may provide different information the an written account because the story may change over time.
What wre two forms of visual art popular in West Africa?The two forms are kente claw and painting.
What is Kente Claw?Is a hand-woven,brightly colored fabric.
What is elaborate masks?Elaborate means detail and complicated design and planning and mask means a covering of all parts of your face.
What kind of elaborate masks did West Africans make?Their masks are made of wood.
What type of designs were made on the masks?The masks bore the faces of animals such as hyenas,lions,monkeys,and antelopes.
When did these people wear these masks?People wore these masks during rituals as they danced around fires.
Why did they wore them?When they dance around the fire the firelight is reflected off the masks which made them look fierce and lifelike.