Brain Tumors and Location

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Symptoms of acoustic neuroma impairment of cochlear portion of (CNVIII) leading to hearing loss. Compression of CNV leading to loss of facial sensation. CNVII involvement leading to facial paralysis, loss of taste in the the anterior 2/3 of tongue.
Location of acoustic neuromas cerebellopontine angle (between cerebellum and lateral pons)
symptoms of Craniopharyngiomasbitemporal hemianopia
Location of craniopharyngiomasabove the sellar diaphragm
Symptoms of meningiomasseizure headache or focal neurologic deficits
Location of mengiomasfalcine/parasagital region
Symptoms of medulloblastomassymptoms of increased ICP and cerebellar dysfunction
Location of medulloblastomasposterior fossa (cerebellum)
Frequency in adults of brain tumorsglioblastoma multiforme (1), mengioma (2), ependymoma (3)
Most frequent brain tumormetastases
Schwanomma stainingS-100 positive
Bilateral schwanomaneurofibromatosis type 2
Crangiopharyngioma dervied fromremnants of Rathke's pouch
Frequency of tumors in childrenastrocytoma, medulloblastoma, brainstem glioma