Brain Parts and Functions

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Amygdala(limbic system) responsible for emotions and drive related memory, link cerebral cortex intellectual functions to brain stem autonomic functions
Brain Stemconnects brain to spinal cord, controls heart rate, breathing, digesting and sleeping
Cerebellumstores patterns of movement, fine tunes movements, keeps muscle tone and links to stem (?)
Cerebrumthe two hemispheres, outer gray matter is cerebral cortex which controls consciousness, senses, reasoning, language, and motor skills
Ponsinvolved in movement control, link to cerebellum
Medulla Oblongatarelays sensory information and regulate autonomic functions

Section 2

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Frontal Lobeorganizes responses to problems, plans, searches memory, adapts strategies, guides emotional behavior and houses memory
Temporal Lobecontrols memory storage, emotion, hearing and left side language
Parietal Lobereceives and processes sensory info from body, calculates speed and direction of exterior objects
Occipital Lobeprocesses visual data and sends it to the other parts of the brain for I.D. and storage

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Hippocampusprocesses new memories for long term storage
Hypothalamusmaintains homeostasis, produces emotional and behavioral drives, coordinates nervous and endocrine systems, secrets hormones
Thalamussorts, processes, and directs signals to and from the brain and spinal cord, coordinates motor behavior
Midbrainprocesses visual and auditory information and generates involuntary movements