Brain Areas & Function

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Section 1

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Corpora Quadrigeminapart of midbrain. reflex centers involving vision and hearing
mamillary bodyimportant for recollective memory
infundibulumconnects pituitary gland to brain
hypothalamuscontrols activities of nervous system. synthesizes & secretes nuerohormones
medulla oblongataregulates breathing, heart, digestion, sneezing and swallowing
optic chasmaconnects optic nerves to brain
pituitary glandgrowth hormone
ponsmessage station of brain
cerebral cortexmost info processed here

Section 2

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white matter axons connecting gray matter to each other
gray mattercell bodies, synapses, dendrites and axon terminals
fourth ventriclehelps protect the brain from trauma and helps form the central canal of the spine
arbor vitaebrings sensory and motor info to and from the cerebellum
cerebral aquaductpart of the midbrain, connects 3rd and 4th ventricle, ensures flow of cerebral spinal fluid between the two
thalamusenclosed by 3rd ventrical. relay motor & sensory signals to the cerebral cortex
pineal glandhelps maintain circadian rhythm and regulate reproductive hormones
corpus callosumconnects left and right sides of the brain
fornixbundle of nerves, major output tract of the hippocampus
lateral ventricle/septum pellucidumhold cerebral spinal fluid, helps circulate nutrients and remove waste