Brachial Plexus

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What emerges from C5 root?dorsal scapular
nerve to rhomboid majordorsal scapular
nerve to rhomboid minordorsal scapular
nerve to Levator Scapuladorsal scapular
nerve to serratus anteriorlong thoracic nerve
Lesion long thoracic causes what?winged scapula
What are the nerves coming from the roots?Long thoracic and Dorsal Scapular

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What does the Suprascapular nerve innervate?Supraspinatus and infraspinatus
What innervates the subclavius muscle?Subclavius nerve
Upper trunk lesionErb Duchenne Palsy
symptoms of upper trunk lesionlimb hanging by side, arm medially rotates, pronated forearm
Lower trunk lesionKlumpke's palsy
What nerves are associated with Klumpke's Palsy?Radial, Ulnar, Median
Symptoms of Klumpke's palsyall fingers are clawed, loss of forearm flexors and extensors

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Nerves from Posterior cordUpper subscapular, lower subscapular, thorcadorsal, radial, axillary
What does the upper subscapular nerve innervate?Subscapularis muscle
what does the thorcadorsal nerve innervate?Latissimus dorsi
what does the lower subscapular nerve innervate?Teres major and subscapularis
What does the axillary nerve innervate?Deltoid and teres minor
What does the radial nerve innervate?all muscles of posterior arm and forearm

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What nerves are associated with medial cord?Medial pectoral, medial cutaneous FA, medial cutaneous arm, ulnar nerve

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Motor to anterior compartment of armMuscolocutaneous nerve
What are the muscles in the anterior compartment of arm?biceps brachii, coracobrachialis, brachialis
What is the sensory innervation of musculocutaneous?lateral arm and forearm
What happens when you injure the musculocutaneous nerve?can't flex elbow

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Where is the axillary nerve located?posterior to the surgical neck of humerus
What muscles are associated with the axillary nerve?deltoid and teres minor
What happens when you injure your axillary nerve?cannot abduct the arm 15-90 degree
What type of fracture is associated with axillary nerve injuryfracture of surgical neck of humerus
Deltoid musceaxillary nerve
teres minoraxillary nerve

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Where is the Median nerve located?Runs anterior to elbow, supplies and passes through Pronator Teres
What muscles are associated with the Median Nerve?Lateral flexors of wrist and forearm. lateral 2 lumbricals of hand, thenar eminence
Pronator teresmedian nerve
FCRmedian nerve
Palmaris longusmedian nerve
FDSmedian nerve
Injury to median nerve causes what?loss of thumb oppostion and thenar eminence
What types of injury are associated with the Median nerve?Supracondylar fracture, lunate dislocation
What is the distal claw hand?loss of lateral 2 lumbriclas. When pt is asked to open hand the 2nd and 3rd digits stay flexed
What is the proximal claw hand?lesion in upper arm or forearm. Results in loss of 2 lateral lumbricals and loss of thumb oppostions. Pope hand when asked to make a fist
What causes carpel tunnel syndrome?overuse of flexor retinaculum and median nerve entrapment
What are the findings in carpel tunnel syndrome?atrophy of thenar eminence, numbness, tingling

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Where is the radial nerve located?In the radial groove of the humerus
What muscles are associated with the radial nerve?triceps, brachioradialis and extensors of wrist
What findings are associated with radial neve injury?wrist drop
What is the sensory function of the radial nerve?posterior arm, posterior forearm and below the fingertips medal 3 and 1/2 fingers
What causes radial nerve injury?fracture of body of humerus, compression of nerve in axilla
Triceps brachiiradial nerve
anconeusradial nerve
Extensor muscle handradial nerve
Abductcor pollicisradial nerve
brachioradialisradial nerve

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Where is the ulnar nerve located?posterior to the medial epicondyle
what muscles are associated with the ulnar nerve?medial flexors of wrist and hypothenar emience, medial lumbricals, and all interosseous muscles of hand
what nerve is associated with the hypothenar eminence?ulnar nerve
what nerve is associated with the thenar emience?medial nerve
What is the sensory associated with the ulnar nerve?dorsal and palmar aspect of hand for medial 1 and 1/2 of fingers
What fractures result in ulnar nerve injury?fracture too hook of hammate, fracture of medial epicondyle
What findings are associated with ulnar nerve injury?Inability to abbduct or adduct fingers
What is the Ulnar claw handcannot extend the 4th and 5th digits when asking pt to open hand from fist
What distinguishes Ulnar claw from other injuries?pt can still flex thumb