Brachial Plexus and Associated Facts

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What nerve supplies the thenar eminancerecurrent branch of Median nerve
inflammation of this leads to carpel tunnelflexor retinaculum
Carpel tunnel traps this nerve and causes painmedian nerve
Carpel tunnel can present as atrophy of this structurethenar eminance (due to impingment on Median nerve)
Pope's blessingProximal (fist) median nerve (make a fist to punch someone and instead end up blessing them becuase pointer, middle and thumb wont flex)
Median clawDistal (extend) median nerve (flex pointer and middle when asked to extend hand)
Ok gestureproximal (fist) ulnar nerve (asked to make a fist but cannot flex ring and pinky fingers) (looks like median claw)
Ulnar clawDistal (extend) ulnar nerve. Asked to extend fingers but pinky and ring stay flexed) (looks like pope blessing)
What nerve supplies the hypothenar eminenceulnar nerve
where is the thenar eminancemeat near thumb
where is the hypothenar eminancemeat on hand near pinky

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what nerve supplies palmar side pinky and ringulnar
what nerve supplies palmar side thumb to ringmedian
what nerve supplies dorsal side pointer to ring superior portion of fingersmedian
what nerve supplies dorsal inferior (wrist to 1/2 of fingers) thumb to middleradial
what nerve supples dorsal pinky to tingulnar

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what nerve supplies motor to anterior flexorsmusculocutaneous ("broken= cannot flex elbow to show off MUSCLES")
what nerve supples motor to deltoidaxillary
what nerve supplies motor to teres minoraxillary
what nerve supplies motor to lateral (thumb side) wrist flexorsmedian nerve
what nerve supplies my 2 lateral lumbriclesmedian nerve
what nerve supplies motor to my thenar eminanacereccurent branch of median nerve
what nerve supplies motor to tricepsRadial
What nerve supplies motor to brachioradialisradial
what nerve supplies motor to wrist extensorsRadial
What nerve supplies motor to medial wrist flexorsulnar nerve
inability to ADDuct or ABduct fingers results from injury to this nerveulnar
this nerve supplies all interosseous musclesulnar
What nerve supplies motor to lateral wrist flexorsmedian nerve

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what nerve gives sensory to arm and lateral (thumb side) forearmmusculocutaneous
what nerve gives sensory to shoulderaxillary

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injury to this nerve results in inability to flex elbowmusculocutaneous
injury to this nerve causes inability to ABduct arm from 15-90 degreesAxillary
nerve injured in carpel tunnelmedian
nerve injured in supracondylar (above elbow) fracture of the humerousmedian
Nerve injured during surgical neck fracture of humerusAxillary
nerve injured during lunate disslocationMedian
Nerve that is injured in "saturday night palsy"radial
nerve injury that causes wrist dropradial
injury to body of humerous hurts this nerveradial
fracture hook of hamate hurts this nerveulnar
fracture medial epicondyle hurts this nerveulnar

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