Brachial Muscles

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Section 1

Question Answer
Deltoid Originacromin and spine of scapula
Deltoid Insertion deltoid tuberosity
Deltoid Actionprime mover of arm abduction
Pectoralis Major Originclavicle, sternum, cartilage of ribs 1-6
Pectoralis Major Insertionintertublercular sulcus of humerus
Pectoralis Major Actionprime mover or arm flexion, adduct, medially rotates arm
Latissimus Dorsi Actionprime mover of arm extension, adduct, medially rotates arm

Section 2

Question Answer
Coracobrachialis Actionadduction, flexion of arm
Biceps Brachii Origin(long Head)Intertubercular sulcus of shoulder
Biceps Brachii Origin (Short Head)coracoid process
Biceps Brachii Insertionradial tuberosity
Biceps Brachii Actionflexes elbow and shoulder; supinates forearm

Section 3

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Triceps Brachii Origin (Long Head)inferior margin of glenoid cavity
Triceps Brachii Origin (Lateral Head)posterior humerus
Triceps Brachii Origin (Medial Head)distal radial groove( on posterior humerus)
Triceps Brachii ActionFlexes forearm
Triceps Brachii Insertionolecranon process
Teres Major Actionadducts, extends, and medially rotates arm
Anconeus Actionextends forearm at elbow joint

Section 4

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Subscapularis Originsubscapuar fossa
Subscapularis Actionmedially rotates arm
Supraspinatus Originsupraspinous fossa
Supraspinatus Actionabducts arm
Infraspinatus Origininfraspinous fossa
Infraspinatus Actionlaterally rotates arm
Teres Minor Originlateral margin of scapula
Teres Minor Actionlaterally rotates arm