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Question Answer
Refined CarbsCereal
Unrefined CarbsCorn
Simple CarbohydratesMonosaccharides (1 Sugar unit) Disaccharides (2 Sugar Units) and Polysaccharides (3+ Sugar Units)
MonosaccharidesGlucose (blood) Galatose (milk sugar) Fructose (fruit and veg)
DisaccharidesMaltose (when starch digested) Sucrose (table sugar, only sweetener that can be called sugar) Lactose (milk sugar, ice cream)
Soluble FiberOats, Apples (Heart healthy, binds cholestrol, regulate blood sugar, can be prebiotic
Insoluble Fiberwhole wheat, broccoli (Promote intestinal health, speed passage intestinges, binds toxic waste, promote regular bowel mvmt, can be prebiotic
Carbohydrate Digestion Steps1.mouth 2. stomach 3. small intestine 4. villi small intestine 5. large intestine
Lactose IntoleranceLactose sugar can't break down in small intestine, pass into large intestine, bloating
Glycemic Responsemeasure how quickly/high blood glucose rises after carb-rich meal (refined higher response than unrefined carbs
Carbs Functions1.Glucose as energy 2. Carbs gluconeogenesis spare protein 3. carbs promote fatty acide metabolism 4.burn fat form ketones
Two Primary Hormones for blood glucose levelInsulin and glycogen
Diabetes Symptomhigh blood glucose
Type 1 diabetes5-10% unpreventable autoimmune disease, can lead to ketone build up ketoacidosis which can lead to coma death
Type 2 diabetes90-95% Insulin resistance, preventable, lifestyle related
Type 2 diabetes managementweight management, limit carbs, emphasize unrefiend carbs, limit sat and trans fat, exercise, medication
Hypoglycemia isLow blood sugar, irratability, sweating, shakiness, can result from overmedication to treat diabetes
Fasting hyypoglycemiaabsence of food
Reactive hypoglycemiaconsumption of high carb foods release too much insulin
non nutritive sweetenerprovide negligible energy but sweeten foods, (sucralose nutrasweet, sweet,n,low)

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