Bovine Postpartum Conditions of the Cow

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Postpartum Conditions of the Cow

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Typical calving results inamnion being broken and externalized with the calf and umbilical cord; the chorioallantois tends to maintain its close attachment to the maternal caruncles for a period of hours
Placenta usually delivered in2-12 hours ((best if delivered by 7 hours)
Chorioallantois identifiable bymembrane with rough surfaces over the multiple cotyledons
The placenta is considered retained if it is not passed within12 hours (24 for some farms/vets)
RP usually presents asragged membrane hanging from the vulva with firm attachment to the uterus (odor if retained entirely internally)
Causes that may predispose to RPDystocia & mechanical aspects (twinning, c-section, fetotomy, congenital abnormalities)
Management (stress, obesity, hereditary, inducing parturition iatrogenically)
Infectious/toxic abortion (Brucella, IBR, BVD, Lepto, EBA)
Risks that follow retained placentaDecreased fertility (delayed 1st service, increased services per conceeption, decreased preg rates, increased days open)
Infectious/metabolic (metritis, endometritis, pyometra; ketosis, mastitis, displaced abomasum)
Failure of caruncle/cotyledon separation due toImmaturity of placentomes (abortion, induction of parturition/early C-section)
Reduced inflammatory response/immunosuppression
Depressed collagenase activity
+/- Uterine intertia
___ may be important in collagen breakdownRelaxin
Prevention of RPManagement & nutrition prepartum
Good calving protocols (know when to intervene
Inject collagenase?
(Post/intrapartum administration of PGF2a, lysozyme dimer, propranolol)
Treatment of RPWait for retained placenta to separate
Cut exposed placenta off at vulva so that feces will not be drawn into the vagina as the cow defecates, rests and rises


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