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What is the raw material of porcelain?Feldspar
Difference between provisional and Pfm fpd Connector rigidity?greater demands for rigidity in connector
When making a cantilever FPD, what special considerations must be made?*no eccentric contacts on pontic (NEVER DISTAL)
What are the elements in gold or palladium silver alloys that allow bonding of porcelain?tin & indium
Advantage of indirect provisional technique vs. direct provisional technique?Accuracy
Which arch curvature requires a double abutment? b*) 7-10 (anterior)
what is a design consideration for a cantilever FPD?no eccentric contacts (NEVER DISTAL)
There is a 5 unit FPD for 11x13x15. Where should the female part of the keyway?distal of #13 (never mesial)
What is the maximum angulation acceptible between 2 potential abutment teeth before ortho is considered?30 degrees
What pontic design would be least likely to replace #12?hygienic (if not ridge lap)
What is the Indentalloy classification of an alloy that is 88% paladiumNoble (b/c not 40% gold)
What is the Indentalloy classification of an alloy that is 55% paladium 35% GoldNoble (b/c not 40% gold)
#8 and 9 have incisal wear. It is better for esthetics to add 1mm of wax to the incisal edges. What should you send to the lab?diagnostic waxup & provisional
You have cemented a single crown provisional that does not have proximal or occlusal contacts. What are the possible results of this when you receive the definitive crown from the lab and go to cement.1. no proximal contact 2. Heavy proximal contact. 3. High in occlusion 4. Infraocclusion 5. after proximal contacts adjusted the crown still does not seat. Choose any combo.
what is the minimum reduction for PFM (facial)1.5 mm facial
what is the minimum reduction for PFM (incisal)2.0 mm incisal
what is the minimum reduction for PFM (lingual)1.0 mm lingual
what is the amount of volumetric shrinkage of porcelain?34% is correct answer
What is the rationale for putting a non-rigid connector on a pier abutment?prevent failure of terminal abutment (secondary)
Why do you need minimum reduction for PFM?to achieve proper color
Which would be most undesirable for cantilever FPD?Distal pontic
diagram showing angles make sure you know exactly where the 110 degrees is supposed to go(from root to prep)
if your pt comes in with hole in provisional, but internal adaptation and occlusion are correct, what do you do?remove provisional, reduce occlusal, bead brush the hole
if you are finishing the provisional and a hole pops up in the occlusal, what do you do?bead brush the hole and have pt close into MI
All things considered being the same, wrought wire and cast round are the sameTRUE (no idea why this is true, but ok)
Which of the following is the least likely pontic design for #12?Hygienic
Sequencing question: IOR seated on working cast, paint die spacer, Section dies, Trim IOR, mount working castSection dies, Trim IOR, Seat IOR onto working cast, Mount working cast, Paint die spacer (this is the OT version, ours was the same or very, very similar!)
What is the difference between the IOR for semi-adjustable articulator and the IOR for the hinge articulator?The IOR for semi-adj need to fit 2 casts while the IOR for the hinge articulator just needs to fir ONE cast (because you pour opposing cast in microstore using IOR)
Teeth 29-31 need a PFM FPD. The trimmed IOR to be put on the cast will include?#29-31 (NOT #28 or endentulous space behind #31)


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Fit checker want ___ (wet/dry) tooth, ___ (wet/dry) cast and ____(heavy/no) occlusal forceswet; dry; heavy
What tooth has a PFM reductions of 1.5 mm Facial, 2 mm occlusal on B and L cuspspremolar (for esthetic reasons)
If a 3 unit FPD does not seat properly what is the first thing to be done if the FPD is be sectioned in pieces?seat each segment with fit checker
When do you place astrigedent?.... before or after retraction cordplace before you put on cord
MI=CR, anterior guidance, NW interferences on both exercursve movements and needs 5 crowns including ones on 6, 12, 31… what tooth do you crown first?How do you mount?#6, hand articulate
When do you solder PFM and gold together... before or after glazing?after glazing
Advantage of indirect provisionalaccuracy***
Additional materials in PFM alloystin and indium (for porcelain bonding)
55% Pd and 35% Ag = what identalloy classificationnoble
What is main material in porcelainfeldspar
What is the primary problem with beveled PFM marginnot enough room and metal will show through (metal collar)
Pt comes in with hole in occlusal of resin provisional. Provisional has good internal adaptation and correct occlusion. Dentist shouldreduce prep, bead brush hole, and have pt bite into MI


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What are the 2 main uses for a plastic matrixprovisional fabrication and to use as a reduction guide
Element of base alloy that ~10% of female population and 1% male population are allergic to?Nickel
Fabricating an acrylic resin provisional FPD by indirect method. When should matrix and provsional be removed?when acrylic resin is completely hard
How are margin deficiences repaired by bead-brush technique?seat restoration, place acrylic, allow to completely harden
What is the optimum incisal tooth reduction for an anterior PFM crown?2.0 mm
When placing pins and sectioning dies in the working cast for a RB-FPD you?(what is RB?)pin the prepared teeth but section as one removable die
When preparing most 3 unit FPD, prep smaller tooth firstTRUE
#31 tipped mesially and must be prepared to draw with 29 for a 3 unit FPD. What should be done?reduce mesial 31 to draw with long axis of 29
t/f: Die spacer eliminates need for fit checker?FALSE
t/f: If casting feels seated w/o fit checker it will definitely be seated if fit checker is used?FALSE
Anesthesia may be needed when trying on a full cast gold crown clinically unless prepared tooth is endo treated?TRUE
on initial placement of a full cast gold crown, clinically, crown won't seat what do you do next?Adjust PROXIMAL CONTACTS
if the PFM preparation has 140 degree facial margin what type of margin design will be required for the copingmetal collar
what should be done if its is not possible to locate the porcelain-metal junction at least .5mm away from MI contactextend porcelain further across the occlusal surface
What are some reasons for selecting an esthetic margin (no visible metal collar or porcelain shoulder) when restoring a tooth with a metal ceramic crown?location in the arch, whether you are treating max or mand, patient demands or expectations, high smile line
complimentary color of yellowviolet (purple)
the coefficient of thermal expansion for a ceramic alloy should be slightly ___ than ceramic porcelaingreater (slightly greater)
metallic oxides are added to porcelian ceramic for ______pigmentation
which of the following are properties of PFM crownsflexure (no idea what other choices are)


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the principle difference between opaque, body and incisal porcelain is the amount of _____Opacities (undissolved oxide particles) - which decreases from the former to the later
in comparison to high noble alloy, the non-noble alloy possess higher ____ _____specific gravity
What is the major difference between anterior and posterior PFM crowns in regard to their framework design of porcelain bearing area?cut back on proximal (idk what this means)
what cement is used in clinic for provisionalZOE


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the techniques of provisionals with deleterious effects on the soft tissueaxial overcontour, failure to sufficiently relieve embrasure areas, unfinished clinical margins
what is generally regarded to be responsible for porcelain metal adherence?chemical bonding across porcelain metal interface
gold palladium alloys are usually melted withgas and oxygen flames
color system used at MCG for dental ceramicssubtractive
the end surface of a casting ring of a high heat investment should be scraped to allow ____ to escapegases
what is the principal dental material (by weight) in dental porcelain?feldspar


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a reservoir is used to prevent shrinkage ____porosity
best same-appointment provisional for an anterior toothpolycarbonate
positive properties of fired porcelaingood compressive strength, chemical inertness, low thermal conductivity, high hardness, color, translucency


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contraindication for PFM crownshort tooth (inadequate tooth structure)
If LOA and COA are required on full coverage PFM crown what instrument is to be used?diamond bur
what instrument do you use for a PFM with buccal only porcelain that is high in MIacrylic bur
at the tryin how do you know if occlusion is correct?CR/MI marks correct for the tooth, adj teeth mark normally, opposite side of arch marks normally
gingival irritation is caused by ____ gingival marginRough gingival margin
if a provisional needs to be relined, what type of cement should you use?dycal and 2 coates of copalite on tooth (?!)
what type of metal is used for all crownstype 3
t/f: there are published artcles showing that electrosurgery has caused irreversible pulp damgageTRUE
what is the proper technique for using fit-checker? ___ tooth, ___ casting, ____occlusal seatingwet; dry; heavy
what would increase retention when preparing short teeth for a full gold crownresistance grooves & minimum taper

maybe not on midterm

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#3 has a large occlusal amalgam (MOD) crossed oblique ridge, BL walls aren't strong, pulp expousre, endo referral and opposes an unrestored #30. what is the most conservative restoration?amalgam core and onlay
pupose of post?to retain the core buildup
After GP removal when viewing the radiograph the post sapce was 1/3 the length of the root in the alveolar bone. What needs to be done?increase post space length (bc 2/3 is minimal)
what is the minimal occlusal distance between the margin of the PFM prep and margin of P and C (ferrule)2.0mm
Which is not a potential indication for use of cemented, parallel-sided serrated, pre-fab P and Ccanal exhibits coronal flaring
Pt presents with irreversible pulpitis on #7 which has a class IV composite and the M 1/3 of tooth (due to previous proximal caries and fracture) which would be the most appropriate for after endo tx? cast P & C followed by crown
when is prefab post indicated? when coronal tooth structure remains, when undercut removal would require significant coronal tooth structure removal (not when ferrule can't be obtained)
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t/f: acrylic resin P & C prepared to nearly ideal crown prep contour prior to investingTRUE
The weakest core material of the following is?glass ionomer
durlay should be prepared to ideal form before casting. You should cement the post and core before final margin preparation (both true... one true one false... both false etc.)First is true. Second is false
T/F: Endodontically treated RPD abutment tooth restored w/cast post and core and crown has success rate similar to endo tx non abutment toothFALSE
T/F: An endo treated tooth w/ P and C that serves as an RPD abument has a success rate = to that of endo treated tooth that is not an RPD abutment FALSE
#3 has a large occlusal decay. It is prepared for a filling but pulpal exposure is seen. The tooth gets endo tx and now has a large occlusal prep. What would be the best tx for minimal restoration of this tooth? amalgam core and onlay
From the patient in 57 - returns after endo tx, the first thing you do is? place the amalgam
Crown prep is down before the post preparation TRUE
Question Answer
what is the complement color for blueorange
what is the definition of intensity (color intensity)chroma
which of the following statements about grooves in RB-FPD are true