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List of Vocab that can be found in the notes. I'll make all my stacks 10 vocab words.

Vocab 1

Vocab WordDefinition/Explanation
TerrestrializationThe gradual process of marine plants that evolved into land plants. This occurence spanned many groups of plants as they acquired increasing structural complexity while trying to adapt to land. This process shows the many problems of going from a marine to terrestrial environment such as Gravity, Air, Wind, Water Uptake, Anchorage, and Reproduction.
First Land PlantsAmphibian in nature, these plants still relied on free water and a moist environment. Characteristics: non-vascular, seedless gametophyte, PS bodies, small size, no roots, stems, or leaves (or flowers). Types: Bryophytes - mosses (bryophyta), Liverworts (hepaticophyta and hepatophyta), and Horn Warts (anthecerophyta)
ArchegoniumVase shaped structure containing the egg cell.
AntheridiumSwimming sperm cells.
Lower Vascular Plants2nd step in terrestrialization. Lycophytes and Pleridophytes. Evolved conducting system to move H2O and sugars. (Xylem)
Ficke's LawMovement of H2O in cells is inversely proportional to the distance. EX: 1 second for H2O to diffuse through 1 cell. 1 year for H2O to diffuse through 500 cells (one foot).
First Organ to Evolve in TerrestrializationStems allowed for SA/VOL conservation because it allows the plant to grow horizontally so it can branch out.
Dicotomous Branching2 Branches at each split or node.
HomosporousWhen both the male and female gametophytes are the same size.
Heterosporous2 sizes - microspores/microgametophyt = sperm and megaspores/megagametophyte = egg. This duality allowed for greater specialization of the different gametes & gametophytes.

Vocab 2

Vocab WordDefinition/Explanation
MicrophyllsSmall early leaf structure
MegaphyllsTrue leaf structure
StrobilusGroup of sporophylls, each with sporangia
Sorus/SoriGroup of sporangia on back of leaves.
Cercinate VernationThe curling or spiral shape of early leaves. Occurs on many ferns.
Parts of SeedEmbryo, Nutritional Source (Megagametophyte), Seed Coat
Advantages of SeedsSource of nutrients independent of parent plant, allow dispersal over greater distances.

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