Book of Mormon Japanese

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訓戒 くんかいwarning; admonition; lesson or a phrase that teaches you not to do something​
加える くわえるto add; to add up; to sum up; to append; to annex​
さえeven; if only; if just; as long as; the only thing needed​
十分 じゅうぶんenough; sufficient; plenty; adequate; satisfactory​
腕 うでarm​
呪う のろうto curse; to put a curse on; to detest intensely
すなわちthat is; namely; i.e.
傾ける かたむけるto devote oneself to; to concentrate on; to pour one's energy into​
災い わざわいcalamity; catastrophe; misfortune​
日々 ひびevery day; daily; day after day; days (e.g. good old days)​


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驚くべき おどろくべきastonishing; amazing; surprising; wonderful​
思い起こすto recall; to remember
属する ぞくするto belong to; to come under; to be affiliated with; to be subject to​
連れ戻す つれもどすto bring back​
着手 ちゃくしゅto start work (on); to undertake​
伝わる つたわるto be handed down; to be introduced; to be transmitted; to be circulated; to go along; to walk along
果て はてthe end; the extremity; the limit; the limits; the result​
響き渡る ひびきわたるto resound; to echo; to reverberate​
図がない ずがないunthinkable; extraordinary; preposterous; cannot be​


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同胞 どうほう (Scriptures: はらから)brethren; brothers; fellow countrymen; fellowman; compatriot​
義 ぎmorality; righteousness; justice; honour (honor)
命令 めいれいorder; command; decree; directive​
聖者 せいじゃsaint​
書き記す かきしるすto write down; to record; to register​
封じる ふうじるto seal (letter)​
託す たくすto entrust​
のちlater; afterwards; since​
告げる つげるto tell; to inform; to announce​
知る しるto be aware of; to know; to be conscious of; to cognize; to cognise​


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BoM 告げ知るTo declare
述べる のべるto state; to express; to mention
業 わざdeed; act; work; performance​
理解力 りかいりょく(power of) understanding; comprehensive faculty​
ならうto imitate; to follow; to emulate
取り除く とりのぞくto remove; to deinstall; to take away; to set apart​
あらゆるぎall; every
なおさらstill more; even more; all the more
かかわらずin spite of; regardless of
へりくだるto deprecate oneself and praise the listener; to abase oneself​


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多少 たしょうmore or less; somewhat; a little; a few; some​
なすべきことthings to do; must-do items; one's duty; what is required​
たたきwhipping; lashing; bashing; beating; flaming​
闇 やみdarkness; the dark; dark
自身 じしんby oneself; personally​
現れる あらわれるto appear; to come in sight; to become visible; to come out; to embody; to materialize; to materialise​
努める つとめるto endeavor (endeavour); to try; to strive; to make an effort; to exert oneself; to be diligent; to be committed (to doing something)
無知 むちignorance; innocence; stupidity​
強情 ごうじょうobstinate; stubborn; headstrong​


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宿り やどりlodging abode; shelter​
給う たまうsemi-polite or endearing auxiliary verb indicating reception by the speaker​
価値 かちvalue; worth; merit​
みなすto consider as; to regard (as equivalent); to deem (as); to equate​
絶えず たえずconstantly; always; continually; steadily​
遂げる とげるto accomplish; to achieve; to carry out​
命令 めいれいCommand
承知 しょうちknowledge; awareness​

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