Bony Thorax- Anatomy

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How long is the manubrium?2 in
How long is the body of the sternum?4 in
How many parts was the body of the sternum in a child?4
When does the body of the sternum start fusing together?puberty
When does the body of the sternum become one bone?25 years of age
When does the xiphoid process ossify?40 years of age
Length of the sternum6 in

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jugular notch- two other namessuprasternal notch, manubrial notch
jugular notch T2T3
Sternal angleT5T5
Xiphoid tipT9T10
Lower rib marginL2L3

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What is the cartilage that the rib attaches to the sternum?costocartilage
1st rib articulates withmanubrium
2nd rib articulates withsternal angle
3-7th rib articulates withbody of the sternum
8-10th rib articulates withcartilage of the 7th rib
Posterior end of rib articulates withvertebrae
Anterior end of rib articulates withsternum

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True ribs1-7 attach to the sternum
False ribs8-12
Floating ribs 11-12 do not attach to the sternum
What is the drop from back to front ribs?3-5 in
What does the costal groove hold?blood vessels and nerves
What is the widest part of the bony thorax?8 and 9th ribs

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costovertebral joints is made of what?head of rib and body of vertebrae
costotransverse joint is made of what?tubercle of rib and transverse of vertebrae
What type of joints are the costotransverse and vertebral joints?Synovial, plane, diarthrodial
What type of joints are the costochondral joints?synarthrodial
What type of joints are the Sternocostal joints?cartilaginous, synchondrosis, synarthrodial
Costochondral joint is made of what?ribs and costocartilage
Sternocostal joint is made of what?where the sternum meets the rib
Sternoclavicular joint is made of what?manubrium and clavical
What type of joint is the sternoclavicular joint?Synovial, diarthrodial, plane