Bony Pelvis & Abdominal Muscles

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hip bone can be divided intoilium, ischium, pubis (formed from 3 different centres of ossification)
anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS)
Ischial tuberositywhen sitting, resting on this
posterior superior iliac spinearticulate with sacrum
oburator foramenwhole that pubis makes with ischium
Inguinal ligamentattach anterior superior iliac spine and pubic tubercle
arcuate line/pelvis brim dividesfalse pelvis (ilium) and true pelvis (pubic and ischium)
sacrospinous ligamentattach from sacrum to ischial spine
sacrotuberous ligamentattach from sacrum to ischial tuberosity
pubic symphysiswhere pubis bone come together (has cartilage and during childbirth, cartilage becomes elastic)
compare male and female pelvesfemale have wider pelvis inlet and outlet, males have narrower inlet and outlets

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functions of abdominal wall muscles1. support for anterolateral wall 2. flexion and rotation of trunk 3. compresses abdominal contents - for breathing, yelling, coughing, defectation, child birth, etc
external oblique origin and insertionorigin: lower ribs, insertion: linea alba, iliac crest, pubic tubercle; fibers run medial and inferior "hands in pocket"
Internal oblique origin and insertionorigin: lumbar fascia, iliac crest, inguinal ligament, insertion: linea alba, pubic crest, lower ribs; fibers run superior and medial (some run inferior)
rectus abdominus origin and insertion KNOW THISorigin: pubic crest and symphysis, insertion: xiphoid process and costal cartilage of ribs 5-7; fibers run vertically; when it contrast, bring flexion (sit up)
transverse abdominusorigin: inguinal ligament, lumbar fascia and cartilage of last 6 ribs; insertion: linea alba, pubic crest; fibers run horizontally
tendinous interactionsubdivide rectus abdominus into different pouches
rectus sheathrectus abdominus contained in sheath which come together at linea alba

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