Bone surface markings

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Question Answer
Fissure Narrow slit between adjacent parts of bones through which blood vessels or nerves pass.
Foramen Opening through which blood vessels, nerves, or ligaments pass
FossaShallow depression
Sulcus Furrow along bone surface that accommodates blood vessel, nerve, or tendon
Meatus Tubelike opening
Condyle Large, round protuberance with a smooth articular surface at end of bone
Facet Smooth, flat, slightly concave or convex articular surface
Head Usually rounded articular projection supported on neck ( constricted portion ) of bone
Crest Prominent ridge or elongated projection
Epicondyle Typically roughened projection above condyle
Line Long, narrow ridge or border ( less prominent than crest )
Spinous ProcessSharp, slender projection
Trochanter Very larger projection
Tubercle Variably sized rounded projection
Tuberosity Variably sized projection that has a rough, bumpy surface