Bone Mineral Homeostasis

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Question Answer
Recombinant PTHTeriparatide
Phosphate Binding DrugSevelamer
PTH AntagonistCalcitonin
SERMsTamoxifen & Raloxifene
BisphosphonatesEtidronate, Aldendronate, pamidronate, risedronate
Cytotoxic anti-cancer drug for hypercalcemiaPlicamycin
Increases ca2+ reabsorption and decreases ca2+ stonesThiazides
Inhibits bone reabsorption in CA related hypercalcemiaGallium Nitrate

Section 2

Question Answer
Treats OsteoporosisTeriparatide (recomb PTH @ low doses), VitD Supplementation, Calcitonin (antagonizes PTH), Etidronates (bisphosphonates)
Used in renal failureVitD supplements, sevelamer (phosphate binding drugs), Cinacalcet (tx secondary PTH)
May cause osteoporosisGlucocorticoids, lithium, heparin, anastrazole, alcohol
Can cause erosive esophagitisBisphosphonates such as Etidronate, Aldendronate, pamidronate, risedronate
Treats hypocalcemic tetany and counteracts OD of Mg in eclampsiaCalcium salts such as Ca-carbonate, citrate, lactate (all oral) or ca gluconate (IV)
Decrease Farnesyl pyrophosphate synthesisBisphosphonates such as Etidronate, Aldendronate, pamidronate, risedronate

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