Bone Markings

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Tuberositylarge, rounded projections ex) tibia (proximal end)
Crestnarrow ridge of bone ex) tibia (anterior side)
trochanterlarge, blunt, irregular shaped process
tuberclesmall rounded projection or process ex) femur (proximal end)
Epicondyleraised area on or above a condyle ex) distal end of humerus
Spinesharp, slender, pointed projection ex) posterior end of vertebrae
Processany bony prominence ex) mastoid process on temporal bone (skull bone)

Section 2

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condylerounded articular projection ex) mandible
ramusaimlike bar bone ex) mandible
facetsmooth, nearly flat, articular surface ex) costal demifacet (where ribs attach to the thoracic vertebrae)
headbony expansion carried on a narrow neck ex) proximal end of femur

Section 3

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meatuscanal-like passageway ex)ear canal
sinuscavity within a bone lined with mucous membrane ex) facial sinuses
fossashallow, basin-like depression in a bone ex) lateral side of skull
fissurenarrow, slit like opening ex) tear ducts
foramenround opening through a bone ex) base of skull

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