Bone injuries

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Question Answer
Osteoporosisloss of bone mass and density, become brittle and prone to fracture around 500mg of calcium; reversed/prevented by high impact/load activity
Rheumatoid arthritis Autoimmune condition where cartilage is attacked leading to inflammation, swelling and pain, and fusion of the joint
Fracturecrack/snap sound where bone may be deformed, tender or swollen
Closed fracturecrack or break which causes injury to nearby tissues
open/compound fracturebone fragments stick out through skin or wound penetrates down to broken bone
green-stick fracturebends and breaks (young, soft) bones
Comminuted fracture break or splinters into more than 2 fragments after high impact trauma
Lisfranc joint injuryruptured tarsometatarsal joint
Os trigonum syndromefloating bone in the ankle
Snowboarders anklefracture of lateral process of talus
tibialis posterior painacquired flat foot

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