Bone CA Conditions NPLEX II

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Question Answer
osteochondromas2nd, 3rd decades, benign, mc bone tumor, adjacent to growth plates/metaphysis of long bone
osteoma2nd, 3rd decades, benign in cortex of shats, small <2 cm. pain worse at night, diminshes in am, alleviated by aspiril, circumscribed annular lesion on CT
osteosarcomamalign, mets to lg mc, 2nd decde. femur > tibia > prox humurus. palpable hard mass, bone pain/inflam. 75% survival rate. alk-phos elevated, biopsy, resect plus chemo
chondrosarcomafam hx ,adults >40, progressive pain in arm, leg, spine, nothing amel. hard, palpable mass. >5cm, MRI, biopsy. chemo, radiation, maybe resect
ewings sarcomaMC between 5-20 yoa, pain, palpable mass, erythema, fever and weight loss mean mets. incr WBC, ESR, lac dehyd, XR onion-like skinning of periosteum. MRI 70% survival