Bonding Theory - Orgo

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What is a Hydrogen Halide?HX always has 1 bond w/ 3 LPs all positioned to minimize electron repulsion
Why is there ++ electron density in the region of s overlap?Because as you go down the PT, the shells are getting further and further away from the nucleus and they hold on less tightly!
IF H+ Overlap goes UPTHEN Halogen size goes down
What is connection between length and strength?Inverse relationship
What is the hybridization of carbocations and radicals?sp2 because they are half filled
Example of use of Tollens reagent.
Aldose with an aldehyde on their open chain and RIG Tollens
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What happens when you get more carbon atoms?The shorter and stronger the C-C bond
Why is a C-H sigma bond stronger than C-C?Because of H+ the S Orbital is closer to the nucleus than in the carbon. ANd, there is more electron density.
What is the ā€˜Sā€™ Character?The Superman character is the closer you are to the nucleus the closer you are to the source of strength
What is the S Character of SP?50%
What is the S Character of Sp2?33.3%
What is the S Character of Sp3?25%
What is the difference between sigma and pi bonds? In sigma the ends overlap and in Pi bonds there is side to side overlap.
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How does S character impact bond angles?The more Superman you have the larger the bond angle.