Body mechanic and safety ADAPT

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Section 1

Question Answer
refers to the way we move our bodiesbody mechanics
mostly to protect your ___ from injuryback
injuries cuased by poor body mechanicsstrains/sprains, fractures, wounds, hernias
area where an object restbase of support
principles of body mechanicsplan ahead, test, get help, use lift, lift with legs/hips, avoid twist/static positions, rest, use wide base of support
proper lifting requireswide base of support, back straight, hips bend, and head up
what should you do when carrying objectavoid twisting your spine
types of liftdiagnal, power, tripod, partial squat, golfer, straight leg, overhead, and pivot

Section 2

Question Answer
who has the final responsibility managing equipment/environmentpractitioner
make sure to ___ to prepare for treatmentdisinfect, discard properly, return stuff to proper place
when does treatment preperation beginat end of previous session
universal precautions should be used with who?EVERYONE
protective items to weargloves, goggles, robes, and masks
when should you wash handswork, patient, removing gloves, handling food, toilet, cough/sneeze
what needs to be disinfected dailytables/counters
what needs to be replaced and cleaned for each patietnlinens
should you try to open mouth when siezingno
after siezingturn head to side to clear fluid from mouth
what is the first thing to do when pt is bleedingput gloves on
second and third degree requiremedical attention asap
strains, sprains, bruisses, and cutsapply ice, rest injury, apply pressure, evelate above heart