Body Language

Updated 2007-03-24 01:09


Learn to recognize common body language expressions and what they mean.

Body Language 1

Non Verbal BehaviorInterpretation
Brisk, erect walkConfidence
Standing with hands on hipsReadiness, aggression
Sitting with legs crossed, foot kicking slightlyBoredom
Sitting, legs apartOpen, relaxed
Arms crossed on chestDefensiveness
Walking with hands in pockets, shoulders hunchedDejection
Hand to cheekEvaluation, thinking
Touching, slightly rubbing noseRejection, doubt, lying
Rubbing the eyeDoubt, disbelief
Hands clasped behind backAnger, frustration, apprehension
Locked anklesApprehension
Head resting in hand, eyes downcastBoredom
Rubbing handsAnticipation
Sitting with hands clasped behind head, legs crossedConfidence, superiority
Open palmSincerity, openness, innocence
Pinching bridge of nose, eyes closedNegative evaluation
Tapping or drumming fingersImpatience
Steepling fingersAuthoritative
Patting/fondling hairLack of self-confidence; insecurity
Tilted headInterest
Stroking chinTrying to make a decision
Looking down, face turned awayDisbelief
Biting nailsInsecurity, nervousness
Pulling or tugging at earIndecision

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