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The immune response giving rise to immunoglobulinshumoral immune response
1. Antibodies 2. Complement 3. Acute phase pr 4. Anti-microbial peptides 5. Cytokines & chemokineshumoral components
Proteins, glycoproteins, polysaccharides, nucleic acids, some lipids and small molecules can all be recognizable immunogens of B-lymphocytes. Which are the best antigens?proteins (capable of binding antibodies)
T/F - Many B cell responses to antigen require the help of T cells.T (thymus-dependent, ex- proteins)
T/F - Some B cell responses to antigens, like to bacterial polysaccharides, are Thymus-independent. T
T/F - Antibodies neutralize pathogens & toxins, activate the complement system, and opsonize pathogens.T
Fc receptors are expressed by...mast cells, phagocytes, & NK cells
3 pathways for complement1. Classical 2. MB-Lectin 3. Alternate
Antigen-antibody complexes - pathogen surfaces (C1q, C1r, C1s - C4 - C2)Classical pathway
Mannose-binding lectin binds mannose on pathogen surfaces (MBL, MASP-1, MASP-2 - C4 - C2)MB-Lectin pathway
Pathogen surfaces (C3 - B - D)Alternate pathway
T/F - Some B lympocytes leave the bone marrow mature. Some leave immature.T
Where can B lymphocytes mature?BM --or--- spleen or lymph nodes
Naive B lymphocytes live a ____ (long, short) time.short (must be replaced if not stimulated by immunogens)

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First produced in T cell-dependent responseIgM
Located in serum (primarily)IgM
Best at activating complementIgM
Membrane-bound on naive B cellsIgM, IgD
Very low in serum IgD, IgE
Uncertain functionsIgD
Requires T cell-dependent responseIgG
Good at everythingIgG
Activates complementIgM, IgG
Complement, opsonizer, neutralizerIgG
Only Ig to cross placenta and activate NK killingIgG
Principle serum Ig - 4 subtypesIgG
Dimer & monomerIgA
Exocrine secretionsIgA (dimer)
In serum & tissuesIgA (monomer)
Very important neutralizer of pathogensIgA
Immediate-type hypersensitivityIgE
High affinity binding to FcERI on mast cells & basophilsIgE
Protection against helminthes & other parasitesIgE
Fc alpha RIgA (heavy chain binding)
Fc gamma RIgG (heavy chain binding)
Fc epsilon RIgE (heavy chain binding)