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Date Army flag was dedicated14 June 1956
Oldest part of the Army?Army National Guard 1636
When was the start of the Revolutionary War?19 April, 1775
When was the Declaration of Independence signed?July 4, 1776
When did the Army recieve its first real training?Winter of 1778
When was the Louisiana Pruchase?1803
Author of "The Army regulations of 1821"?General Winfield Scott
Areas covered in the "The Army Regulations of 1821"?Hand salute, how to march, how to make stew
How many deaths in the Civil War?Over 600,000
When and Where did the Civil War begin?April 1861 on Ft Sumter in Charleston Harbor
Emancipation Proclamation on 22 September 1862 freed slaves as of what date?01 January 1863
Medal of Honor Creation Date?12 July 1862
First reciepient of the Medal of Honor?Private Jacob Parrott on 25 March 1863
When was the end of the Civil War?09 April 1865 when General Lee surrendered his Army.
Female to receive Medal of Honor?Dr. Mary E. Walker
Declaration of war on Spain?25 April 1898
WWI began on?August 1914
Date President Wilson asked congress to declare war on Germany?02 April 1917
What was the International Body formed after WWI?The League of Nations
What Act organized and regulated the Army?National Defense Act of June 4, 1920
Pearl Harbor attack?7 Dec 1941
When was the Women's Army Corps created?1943
D-day?06 June 1944
D-day beaches?Utah and Omaha
Hiroshima atomic bomb date?06 August 1945
Nagasaki atomic bomb date?09 August 1945
What is the longest war in U.S. history?Vietnam War
A marine was shot in 1989 in Panama and led to what?Operation Just Cause
When did ground forces enter Iraq?1991
When did the US respond to 911?07 Oct 2001
Date the coalition that operated to remove Saddam Hussein from power?20 March 2003
When was Saddam captured?13 Dec 2003
What FM covers duties, responsibilities and authorities of a NCO?FM 7-22.7
What is responsibility?being accountable for what you do or fail to do.
What is command authority?authority leaders have over soldiers by virtue of rank or assignment.
AR for NCO roles in reference to chain of command?AR 600-20
NCO's principle duty and responsibility?Training
Basic responsibilities of a NCO?maintain discipline, maintain government property, Train soldiers, Ensure welfare of soldiers, Execute mission.
What is authority?legitimate power of a leader to direct subordinates
Soldiers responsibilities?Individual and command responsibilities
What is power?ability, physical, mental or moral to have positive control over actions of others.
5 types of power?Legal, Reward, Coercive, Referent, Expert
4 fundamental steps in supervising?Assign task, Set Standards, Check progress, Determine if standards are met (follow-up)
3 types of duties?Specified, Implied, Directed
Who is 1st Senior enlisted advisor to Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff?SGM William Joseph Gainey
Date of Senior enlisted advisor to the Chairman position assume?October 01, 2005
How Many SMA have there been?15
1st SMA?SGM Willion O. Wooldridge
SMA position was established?1966
SGM course began?1973 (Jan)
In 1778 what were the NCO ranks?Corporals, Sergeants, 1st Sergeants, Quartermaster Sergeants, and SGM
The NCO's who received Badge of Military Merit during the American Revolution?SGT Elijah Churchill, SGT William Brown, SGT Daniel Bissell
First reference of chevrons for NCOs?1821
Publication in 1829 for training NCOs?The Abstract of Infantry Tactics
When was the 417 pg NCO manual published?1909
When did the NCO rank the chevron rotate to point up?1902
What is the Leaders book known as?Black Book
Year AR 350-90 established standards for NCO Academies?1957
Year PLDC became mandatory for promo to Staff Sergeant?1986
ADP for protection?ADP 3-37
What is protection?preservation of mission-related military and nonmilitary personnel, equipment, facilities, information or infrastructure.
Protection principles?Comprehensive, Integrated, Redundant, Layered, Enduring (CIRLE)
First step to protection?Planning
What do Commanders Consider first?Threats, hazards and which personnel, physical assets and information to protect
Two processes Commanders use?Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) and Troop Leading Procedures (TLP)'s
What is Active Defense Measures?Denying the initiative to the enemy or adversary
What do commanders who exercise mission command do?Decide, Direct, Lead, Access, and Provide Leadership. DDLAP
AR for Military Justice?AR 27-10
What kind of extra duty is given to an NCO by an article 15?Supervisory duty only
How many articles in UCMJ?146 articles and 12 sub-articles. Total of 158
When was UCMJ enacted?1950
What is a field grade Article?Article imposed by and O4 or above.
3 classifications of article 15s?Summarized, Company Grade, Field grade
DA form to record summarized article 15 proceedings?DA Form 2627-1
What are the Punitive articles?77-134
3 Types of court martial?Summary, Special, General
Highest Military Court?Court of Military Appeals.
What article is Non-judicial punishment imposed?Article 15
When does a soldier not have the right to demand trial by court martial?aboard a ship
What is self aid?Emergency treatment of oneself
How many pressure points that can stop bleeding on human body?11
Object of first aid?stop bleeding, overcome shock, relieve pain, prevent infection
FM covers first aid?FM 4-25.11
How high is a limb elevated above the heart to control bleeding?2-4 inches
Should casualty be given water to drink?He should not eat or drink
How do you indicate a patient has a tourniquet on?Mark t on head and time
3 categories of heat injuries?cramps, exhaustion, stroke
Two basic types of fractures?Open, Closed
Signs of a closed fracture?swelling, discoloration, deformity, unusual body position, check for pulse.
Basic principle in splinting?Splint them where they lie
How tight should a tourniquet be?until bright red bleeding has stopped.
Arterial bleedingbright red blood which will spurt with each heartbeat.
Venous bleedingdark blood flowing in steady stream
Capillary bleedingblood oozes from wound.
4 points to check pulsecarotid (side of neck), Femoral (groin), Radial (wrist), posterial tibial (ankle)
Time direct manual pressure applied to bleeding?5-10 min
COLD stands for?Keep it CLEAN, avoid OVERHEATING, wear it LOOSE, and keep it DRY
When should an airtight dressing be applied to a chest wound?as they breath out.
Types of burns?Thermal, Electrical, Chemical, Laser
3 categories of medical evacuations.Urgent (2 hrs), Priority (4), Routine (24)
2 prescribed ways of opening airways?Jaw thrust, Head tilt/chin lift

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