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Nephritic SyndromesPSGN, Goodpastures, RPGN, IGA nephropathy, Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis
Cresents IgG/c3RPGN
Cresents linearGoodpasture
PSGN IF/EMGranular; Sub-EPI-thelial, lumpy bumpy
granular IF patternPSGN; diffuse proliferative
granulomatous inflamation, asthma, eosinophilia, p-ancachurg strauss
p-ancaChurg strauss; microscopic polyangitis
hematuria and hemoptysis ina young adult maleGoodpastures
thinning and splitting of the glomerular basement membraneAlport syndrome
Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis IF/EM"Tram track" basement membrane splitting; granular IF
Nephritic then nephroticMembranoproliferative
Sub-ENDO-thelial humps EM; assoc with HCV/HBVMembranoproliferative
IGA nephropathy IFMesanginal proliferation with IgA/c3 deposits specific

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Nephrotic syndromesMinimal change, FSGN, Membranous nephropathy, amyloidosis, Nodular glomerular sclerosis
BM spikes with silver stainMembranous GN,
Membranous GN IF/EMgranular/ linear; sub-EPI-thelial spikes and dome
Most common in caucasions assoc with lupis Membranous GN
Most common in blacks, hispanics, HIV, hepatitis, sickle cellFSGN
FSGN EM/IFeffacement of foot process, no IF
Most common in kids, normal glomeruli on H and EMinimal change
Type1 membranoprliferative glomerulonephritisSubendothelial,; HBV and HCV
Type2 membranoprliferative glomerulonephritisC3 nephritic factor
glycosylation of the glomerular BM causing sclerosing of mesangiumkimmel wilson nodules diabetes

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Hexoamidase ATay sachs
A galactosidaseFabrys
Arylsulfatase AMetochromic Leukodystrophy
B glucosidase (Glucocerebrosidase)Gaucher
SphingomyelinaseNeimann Pick
Accumulates in Tay sachsGM2 Gangloside
Accumulates in FabrysGlobtriacylceramide
Accumulates in Metachromic leukodystrophycerebroside sulfate
Accumulates in KrabbesGalactocerebrosidase
Accumulates in GaucherGlucocerebroside
Accumulates in Neimann PickSphingomylin
Accumulates in FarbersCeramide

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Tay sachsMental retardation, blindness, muscular weakness, lysosomes with onion skin
FabrysSkin rash and kidney failure, peripheral neuropathy hands and feet(full symptoms only in males- x linked ressesive)
Metachromic leukodystrophyMental retardation, ataxia and dementia in adults; demylenation
GaucherHepatosplenomegaly with erosion of long bones, MR in infants, lipid laden M0= tissue paper
Neimann PickHepatosplenomegaly, MR and death early in life
KrabbeMR, myelin almost absent, peripheral neuropathy, optic atrophy, globoid cells
FarbersHoarseness, dermatitis, skeletal deformation, MR, fatal early in life

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Gluose-6-phosphataseVon geirke I
a-1,4-GlucosidasePompe II
Amylo-1,6-glucosidase (debranching enzyme)Cori III
Branching enzyme a1,4-a1-6Anderson IV
glycogenp phosphorolaseMcardle V
PhosphofructokinaseHers VI
Von geirkeMassive enlargement of the liver, failure to thrive, Severe hypoglycemia, ketosis, hyperuricemia, hyperlipemia
PompeCardiorespiratory failure- death before 2
CoriMilder version of Von geirkeMassive enlargement of the liver, failure to thrive, Severe hypoglycemia, ketosis, hyperuricemia, hyperlipemia
AndersonProgressive chirosis of the liver to failure and death by 2
McCardleExercise intolerance with painful cramps
HersSimilar to vongeirke but milderMassive enlargement of the liver, failure to thrive, Severe hypoglycemia, ketosis, hyperuricemia, hyperlipemia

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Question Answer
Eyes postBilaterally over the subocciptal nerves
Middle Ear postBilaterally at superior edge of C1 transverse process
Nose/Sinuses postBilaterally at posterior lateral pillar of C2 & at the transverse process of C2
Tongue/ Tonsils postBilaterally just lateral to spinous process of C2
Thyroid postT2 & T3 lamina bilaterally
Eyes antBilaterally at anterior aspect of surgical neck
Middle ear antBilaterally on superior aspect of clavicle just lateral to rib 1
Nose/ Sinuses antBilaterally on superior aspect of rib 1 costochondral junction & superior aspect of rib 2 ~3.5” lateral of sternum
Tongue/tonsils/pharyx antMultiple Bilaterally at 1ST intercostal space just lateral to manubrium
ThyroidBilaterally at 2nd intercostal space just lateral to sternum
Colon posttriangle area from L3-L5 transverse processes to iliac crest
Appendix postT11 lamina of TP Right
Rectum postLateral aspect of posterior mid-sacrum
Small intestine postT8, T9 & T10 lamina of TP
Prostate postLateral sacral base