BNS Exam 1- Ch9\PPT Assisting with Hygiene & Grooming

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Oral Hygiene

Question Answer
makes foodtaste better
Cleaning denturesdo not use HOT water; use cool or room temperature to not ruin
Do not put dentureson a HARD/PLAIN surface, use cloth or paper towel to handle
GoalPT independence
Comatose PToral hygiene given every 2 hrs
PT with NG tubeoral hygiene given every 2 hrs
PT receiving oxygenclean the nose every 8hrs; these PT have a nasal cannula
Comatose PT may have oral secretionshave oral suction within reach
Toothettea spongy piece of foam on a stick used to clean a comatose PT

Denture Care

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Dentures should be cleanedas often as natural teeth
Carry dentures back and forth from the sink inan emesis basin lined with a paper towel
Clean the denturesin a basin or sink lined with paper towel or a washcloth
Store the denturesin cool water in the person's denture cup

Back Rubs

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Back rubs are usedto stimulate the PT's circulation, prevent skin breakdown, and for comfort and relaxation
Use lotionto prevent friction
Begin from the lower backsacral area
Use circular motionsto massage the body areas of the back
Some PT's are NOTallowed to have back rubs; check with the nurse and the care plan
Reddened areas of skinmassage around the area but not over the reddened area
Cover the PT as much as possiblefor privacy

Restorative Skin Care

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When giving a bathyou can examine the PT's entire body; look for changes in color, skin breakdown
Encourage the PTto do as much of the bath as he/she can
Collect all the equipment necessarybefore beginning the procedure; anticipate PT will poop and urinate during bath
Wash from thecleanest area (face) to the dirtiest area
Complete bed bathgiven to PT's who are not able to bathe themselves
Complete bed baths are an opportunityto do complete skin assessment
Complete bed baths performed on persons who areunconscious, paralyzed, in a cast or traction, weak from illness or surgery
Wash, rinse, dryone part of the body at a time and then cover it with the bath blanket

Bath: Review

Question Answer
Startwith face
Cleaneye with water from inner toward outer canthus
Bathethe leg with long, firm strokes going towards heart
Q8hrclean the nares with NG tube/nasal cannula
Alwaysconsider for independence for personal hygiene

Partial Bath

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Involves washing the areas of the bodythat cause discomfort and odor or need daily cleaning
Areas washed in partial bathface, hands, axillae (armpits), genitals, and buttocks


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Clean showerbefore and after use
Never leavePT alone on the shower chair or in shower room
Resident will need to be transferredfrom their wheelchair to the shower chair
Be sure to lockboth chairs before transferring
Always havenon-skid footwear on resident before standing for transfer

Perineal Care

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Involves cleaning of thegenital and anal areas of the body
Perineal areas are cleanedat least once daily to prevent infection and odors and to provide comfort
Peri-Care should be providedafter each BM and as needed
Usestandards of precautions
May have to use the termprivate area
Female peri-carealways cleanse from the urinary meatus toward the anus (front to back)
Female peri-care: To clean the anal areacleanse from the vagina toward the anus (clean to dirty)
Male peri-carestart at the urinary meatus and use circular motions as you wipe downward to the base
Male peri-care: Retract the foreskinif the PT is uncircumcised

Guidelines for Dressing and Undressing

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Allow PT to choosewhat to wear
REMOVE clothingfrom the strong or good side first
PUT clotheson the weak side first
TOSTake off Strong
POWPut on weak

**Class Notes

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Always assume an unconscious PTcan hear you; always explain what you are doing; prevents injury for PT & nurse; decreases PT anxiety & saves nurse time
No glovesduring feeding
Food for resident without denturesbaked fish, whipped potatoes, spinach souffle, tapioca, oranges
Feeding is asocial interaction; privacy not provided
Feedingalways look for doctors order for any restrictions; tell PT what they are having; raise bed to 90 degree angle (Fowler) unless PT has NG tube (30 degree angle)
Back rubs are completedafter baths
Bath time isassessment time for skin
Bath time skin assessmentbruises might indicate abuse; notify doctor
Hair carefor long hair, comb one section at a time
Shaving the PTonly use electric razor, shave in direction of hair growth
Nail caredo not trim toenails!!! only an RN or doctor can trim toenails
Do not apply lotionin between the toes