BMSC 220 - Topic 6

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Changes in gene expression are involved inResponse of cells to their environment - Cell cycle regulation - Coordination mix up - Development differentiation
RNA polymerases do not require a ____ ____ to initiate RNA synthesisprimer sequence
Genes are regulated by molecular “dimmer” switches knows as?promoters
Messenger RNAs (mRNAs)Serve as templates for protein synthesis
Transfer RNAs (tRNAs)Adaptor molecules that align amino acids along the mRNA templates
Which RNAs make up over 90% of total RNA?tRNAs and rRNAs - Small # of genes in high levels
Genes transcribed by RNA polymerase II contain core promoter elements, (TATA box / initiator (Inr) DNA sequence)
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Upstream promoter & enhancersCan be located at significant distance from promoter
Plasmid DNAIntroduce recombinant DNA into cell - Results in DNA sequence randomly inserted into genome
Reporter geneEncodes enzyme or protein to be used to replace normal gene sequence adjacent to gene promoter
Retrovirus/LentivirusRandom insertion of DNA. Plasmid includes sequence from retrovirus allowing cells to continue transfecting other cells
CRISPR/Cas9Cas9 nuclease and CRISPR RNA strand used as guide to target changes/integration of DNA into a genome - Integrate foreign DNA into specific regions of the genome.
Transcription 2 overall categoriestranscription initiation complex - gene-specific
TATA boxfound in promoters of many eukaryotic genes transcribed by RNA polymerase II
TATA-binding proteinbasal transcription factor that binds directly to the TATA box
TFIIB subsequently associates with ____?TFIID at core promoter - recruitment of RNA polymerase and TFIIF then s—TFIIE and TFIIH—