BMSC 220 - Topic 4 pt 1

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Principal distinguishing feature of eukaryotic cellsnucleus
Nuclear envelopetwo phospholipid bilayer membranes - nuclear lamina (protein framework) - nuclear pore complexes
The outer membrane is continuous with?the endoplasmic reticulum - enriched in membrane proteins that bind the cytoskeleton
Nuclear inner membrane has proteins that bindthe nuclear lamina
Basic units of the genetic codeCodon
Exons 10% - Protein-coding sequence segments [and 5’ and 3’- untranslated regions (UTRs)].
Introns35% - Segments of non-proteincoding sequences - Will not make a functioning gene without introns (cloning example)
RNA splicingJoining of exons in a precursor mRNA molecule
micro RNAshairpin structures - cleaved by nucleases (Dicer) - double stranded - Recognized by a RISC facilitates RNA degradation thereby inhibiting translation
satellite DNAimportant for DNA fingerprinting and finding selectable markers for plant breeding
What does current work say about non-coding region?Important during evolution, generating multicelluar organisms