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Question Answer
LifeMovement - Metabolism - Reproduction - Response to enviornment
HookeCoined “cell”; viewing cross-sections of cork in primitive light microscope
LeeuwenhoekViewed moving cells
Cell TheoryAll organisms are one or more cells - Basic unit of life - All cells omes from other cells
Requirements for formation of the first cellOrganic molecules - RNA- Phospholipid membrane
Why are viruses are neither prokaryotes nor eukaryotesCan't metabolize/reproduce unless they have infected a host; not alive
CyanobacteriaLargest and most complex prokaryote - Generates its energy through photosynthesis
E. coli (typical prokaryotic cell)Ridgid cell wall made of polysaccharides and peptides - Under cell wall is a plasma membrane - single circular DNA in nucleoid
What allows Eukaryotic cell compartmentalization?Variety of membrane enclosed organelles within their cytoplasm
Peroxisomesperform various oxidative reactions
Endoplasmic reticulumTransport of proteins and synthesises lipids
Golgi apparatusSorts and transports proteins for secretion and serves as site of lipid synthesis
What are cytoskeleton made of?actin filaments, intermediate filaments, microtubules
Yeasts (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)Unicellular - more complex than bacteria
VolvoxGreen alga - associates with other algae cells forming multicellular colonies of somatic and germ cells
Plant cells are organized into three main tissue systemsGround - Dermal - Vascular
Human tissuesEpithelial - Connective - Blood - Nervous - Muscle
Epithelial cellsSheets covering surface of body - line internal organs - Specialized for protection, secretion, absorption
Connective tissuesFibroblasts fill the spaces between organs and tissues in the body - Bone, cartilage, and adipose tissue
Subcellular fractionation???
Primary culturesfirst cell cultures established from a tissue (limited number of divisions before death).
Permanent (or immortal) cell linesembryonic (stem) cells derived from tumors that may proliferate indefinitely in culture