BMSC 210 - Lecture 2

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Question Answer
A single colony can contain how many individual cells?10^7 cells
What are some properties of ALL cells?Growth – Metabolism – Evolution
What are some properties of SOME cells?Differentiation – Communication – Genetic exchange – Motility
How do we decide how the phylogenetic tree is drawn?Isolate DNA from each organism - Make copies rRNA gene by PCR - Sequence DNA - Analyze - Generate phylo tree
How do we decide how the phylogenetic tree is drawn?rRNa gene encodes the RNA • 16S RNA (bacteria and archaea) • 18S RNA (eukarya)


Question Answer
Robert Hooke1665 – first book devoted to microscopic observations
Van Leeuwenhoek1676 – first to see bacteria
Ferdinand Cohn~1850’s – first to see bacterial endospores
Louis Pasteur1864 – disproved “spontaneous generation theory” / 1885 – vaccine to a boy bitten bit a rabid dog
Koch's postulates - Microscopy stainingpathogen is in all cases of the disease and absent from healthy animals
Koch's postulates - Laboratory culturesPathogen must be grown in pure culture
Koch's postulates - Experimental animalsCells from pure culture of the pathogen cause disease in a healthy animal
Koch's postulates - Laboratory reisolation and culturePathogen must be reisolated and shown to be the same as the original