BMSC 200 (Slide 3) Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins

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Question Answer
Peptide of 3 residues can be produced in ___ ways.800
Protein of 100 residues has ___ possible sequences1.27x10^130
Amino acids are bi-functional compounds with?Acids - Amino groups
Except for glycine, all amino acids have a?chiral carbon; stereoisomers
Typically only the ___ stereoisomers are found in proteinsL
All amino acids haveCarboxyl group - Amino group - Alpha carbon - R group
Every amino acid has at least?two groups that accept and donate protons (diprotic); the carboxyl group (pKa 2.0) and the amino group (pKa 10.0)
Amino acids that have ionizable groups in their side chains aretriprotic
Peptide bondsFormed by condensation reactions (loss of water molecule) between carboxyl of 1 amino acid and amino group of another acid