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A co-enzyme or co-factor that is tightly associated with the enzyme is called a?Prosthetic group: difference is degree of association
pre digest proteins during manufacture of baby foodsprotease
glucose to fructoseIsomerase
Fructore is _____ than clucose; so it can be used in smaller amounds in ______ foodsSweeter - Slimming
Apoenzyme + Co-factor/Co-enzyme = ?Holoenzyme
Some enzymes are able to catalyze reaction faster than predicted by diffusion-control limitsCirce effect
Activation energy, ΔG‡ between S and P determines the rate at which?equilibrium is reached
The relationship between the rate of a reaction and the activation energy is?inverse and exponential
A reaction can place spontaneously only if the free energy change ΔG is... (positive/negative)+
A negative ΔG indicates that a reaction can?Take place; not predict rate
Modes of Enzymatic Catalysis: Binding EffectsSubstrate binding - Trasition-state
Modes of Enzymatic Catalysis: Chemical EffectsAcid/base catalysis - Covalent catalysis
Catalysis _____ the transition statestabilizes
Enzyme _____ the transition statedestabilizes
Active site must be similar enough to substrate to ensure ______, but different enough to promote ______specificity - change
Stable compounds whose structures resemble unstable transition statesTSAs
Antibodies generated against a TSAAbzymes
[S] < Kmhigh sensitive little activity
cofactorcoenzymes and metals
What plots show relationship between [S] and V0?Lineweaver-Burke plots
Lineweaver-Burke plots (Rleationship, reciprocal, Vmax)Relationship of [S] and Vo - Double reciprocal of 1/Vo vs. 1/[S] - Determines Vmax
catalyzes an early step of glycolysisPFK1
[PEP]/[ADP] is high, PFK1 is ____ inhibited/activatedin
glycogen synthase is catabolic or anabolic?ana
glycogen phosphorylase is catabolic or anabolic?cata
In response to hormones released in the fed state (insulin) both enzymes arephosphorylated or not?

section 7

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ketose and aldose differenceketose is double O to C and aldose is double O to c to H
Sugars that differ at a single chiral centerEpimers
Six-membered sugar ring is?Pyranose
5-membered sugar ring is?Furan
Cyclization of glucose involves reaction of?Hydroxyl of C5 with aldehyde C1
α- hydroxyl of anomeric carbon is ____ the plane of the sugar, below or above?below
Cyclization of fructose can involve reaction of?C5 with ketone c2
acts on glucosinolate to produce glucose and isothiocyanateMyrosinase
non-reducing sugar has the suffix?“osyl”
reducing sugar has the suffix?ose
linear polymer of glucose residues through α(1-4) bondsaylose
f α(1-4) linked glucose residues with α(1-6) branch points every 24-30 residuesAmylopectin
chemical difference between cellulose and chitinhydroxyl group at C2 with acetylated amino group
e β 1-4 linkages of cellulose and chitin allow formation of?straight chains
Fibrils are formed by?parallel chains that are linked through hydrogen bonds
α 1-4 linkages of starch and glycogen form a? :hollow, helical structure.
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Protein component is linked to to a glycosaminoglycanProteoglycans
The protein constituent is the largest component by weightglycoproteins


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Proteins anchored to the membrane by glycosylated phosphoinositol (GPI) are always ____ the cell in/out?out
Proteins anchored to the membrane by fatty acyl or prenyl chains are always ____ the cell in/out?in
AA's located mostly outside the membrane?Asp, Glu, Arg, Lys
which AA's are clustered at the interface between the hydrocarbon chain?Trp and Tyr
light-driven proton pump from archaebacteria has seven membrane spanning α-helicesBacteriorhodopsin
iron uptake protein from E.coli is a β-barrel with 22 membrane spanning strandsFepA
protease that cleaves some of these proteins blocking neurotransmission and causing paralysis and deathBotulinic toxin


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caused by UV radiation distort local DNA geometry, interfere with DNA replication, and cause incorrect base pairingCyclobutane thymine dimers and 6-4 photoproducts