BME 732 - Targeting and Surgical Preparation

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BregmaThe junction of the sagittal and coronal sutures of the skull. This reference point is often used as a reference point for stereotaxic brain surgery
LambdaWhere the sagittal and lamboidal sutures intersect
Interaural lineTypically a better reference point than the bregma or lambda because these can vary between subjects
Stereotaxic atlasA collection of drawings of sections of the brain of a particular animal with measurements that provide coordinates for the stereotaxic surgery
Stereotaxic apparatus A device that permits a surgeon to position an electrode or cannula into a specific part of the brain
Important considerationsThe shape of the target area and surrounding structures should be known so the electrode array can be custom fit. For the primary motor cortex, a rectangular shaped array with its long axis running from medial to lateral would allow the most coverage of the cortical surface. The primary motor cortex has a slight curvature at the rostral part of the brain
Planning Avoid hitting intersecting vasculature and the vetricular system. Plan out the spatial layout of the electrode arrays to conform to the organization of neural structures and to be able to fit the electrodes within the available intracranial or extracranial space. The locations of access into the skull need to be balanced against the final position of electrode connectors, anchoring screws, wires, and pre-amplification hardware
Sterilization All objects that cannot be exposed to heat and humidity are sterilized by ethylene oxide gas

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