BME 732 - Principles of Inferring Action from Thoughts

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Open loop systemsSeek to predict processing that goes on in the cortex to produce movement. Don't have feedback and processing is done offline
Closed loop systemsSeeks to perform real-time control of a device. Does have feedback and processing is done real-time
DecodingUsing a brain signal to infer the movement it produces
EncodingKnowing the movement that is produced and using this to determine the brain signal that caused the movement
Parametric multiplexingThe same neurons are active for different tasks
SpikeSingle action potential
Directional tuning Neurons have a preferred direction. They fire more in certain directions
Brain-body uncoupling Over time, animals stop moving their limbs when using a neural interface. Body schema could be extended to the neural interface. Changes in behavior could be a result of plasticity or a newly learned motor pattern

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