BME 732 - Case Studies in Animals and Humans

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Primate, open loop, single unit BMIDisplace lever to the left or right based on visual cues. Hand reaching for food in four positions on a tray
Primate, closed loop BMITask 1: move cursor to target area with lever. Task 2: Gripping force. Task 3: Combination of tasks 1 and 2
Human, closed loop, single unit BMITask 1: driving a simulated and real wheelchair in a pre-specified path. Task 2: driving the wheelchair in a random path
Shared controlExample is a wheelchair that takes inputs from a neural interface but also uses cameras to only allow inputs that do not result in the wheelchair crashing into something
Single unit vs multi unitSingle unit has better prediction than multi unit because the multi unit has more noise. The single unit has a higher SNR however while the multi unit is more stable
Delay recordingsA delay is introduced for the time it takes a signal to travel from a neuron to the muscle
What information is important from an action potential?Time of the action potential is most important. Size or shape of the action potential is not
Control signalActivity occurs at the posterior of the head due to eye movement or thinking (occipital and parietal lobes)

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