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What 5 arteries comprise the Circle of Willis?Internal Carotid (ICA), Anterior Cerebral, Anterior Communicating (ACOM), Posterior Communicating (PCOM), Posterior Cerebral (portion proximal to basilar artery)
The brain is one of the most metabolically active organs in the body, receiving ___% of the total cardiac output and about ___% of the oxygen available in the body.17% cardiac output; 20% oxygen
Brain receives its blood supply from two major arteries (per side), what are they?Internal Carotid & Vertebral Arteries
The internal carotid arteries supply ___% of blood to the brain, while the Vertebral arteries supply the remaining ___%.80% (ICA); 20% (vertebral)
Through what foramen do the Internal Carotid Arteries enter the cranial cavity?Carotid Canal
Through what foramen do the Vertebral Arteries enter the cranial cavity?Foramen Magnum
Where on the brain stem do the Vertebral arteries converge to form the Basilar Artery?The Caudal border of the Pons
What is the source of the Vertebral arteries?Subclavian Arteries (R & L respectively)
The vertebral arteries originate from the subclavian artery and ascend through the ____ ____ of the upper six cervical vertebra.Transverse Foramina
At what spinal level do the Vertebral arteries enter Transverse Foramina?C6
What is the largest branch of the Vertebral Artery?PICA (Post Inf Cerebellar Artery)
What artery supplies the Posterior part of the Inferior Cerebellum?PICA (Post Inf Cerebellar Artery)
What artery supplies the Choroid Plexus of the 4th Ventricle?PICA ((Post Inf Cerebellar Artery)
What artery supplies the MEDIAL part of the (caudal) Medulla?Anterior Spinal (converging branch of R & L Vertebral Arteries)
What artery supplies the Anterior 2/3's of the Spinal Cord?Anterior Spinal (converging branch of R & L Vertebral Arteries)
What artery supplies the Dorsal 1/3 of the spinal cord?Posterior Spinal Arteries (branch off of Vertebral OR PICA, varies)
What artery supplies the dura mater of the posterior cranial cavity?Posterior Meningeal (branch of Vertebral Arteries)
What are the 5 branches of the Vertebral Arteries?PICA, Anterior Spinal, Posterior Spinal (Dorsal), Posterior Meningeal, Bulbar branches
These arteries arise from SEGMENTAL ARTERIES at various levels of the spinal cordRadicular Arteries
What is the largest Radicular Artery?Artery of AdamKiewicz (Artery of Lumbar Enlargement) (Lower Thoracic or Upper Lumbar on LEFT)
These arteries reinforce spinal arteries by anastomosing with their branchesRadicular Arteries
What areas of the spinal cord are especially susceptible to Ischemia after vascular occlusion (do to adequate collateral Radicular Artery supply)The upper Thoracic (T1-T4) and first lumbar segments
What veins run along the Ventral Spinal roots?Anterior Spinal Veins
What veins run along the Dorsal Spinal roots?Posterior Spinal Veins
At a certain Spinal Level... Complete Paralysis, loss of pain & temp, but preserved proprioception & vibration sensation... caused by occlusion of what artery?Anterior Spinal (supplies ant 2/3's)
The brain stem receives the bulk of its blood supply from the ______ system.VERTEBRO-BASILAR (arteries & branches)
What artery supplies the Occipital Lobe?Posterior Cerebral Artery
The Posterior Cerebral Artery originates from what artery?Basilar
Superior Cerebellar Artery originates from what artery?Basilar
Basilar Artery originates from what arteries?Vertebral (R & L)
The Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery originates from what artery?Basilar
The Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery originates from what artery?Vertebral
The Dorsal Spinal Artery originates from what artery?Vertebral or PICA (it varies)
Except for the _____ branch, all other branches of the Vertebro-basilar system supply the ____ ____ and _____Labyrinthine; Brain stem, Cerebellum
What artery supplies ant. inf. cerebellum? what else does it supply?AICA; (also upper medulla & lower pons)
What arteries supply the "basal" pons?Paramedian Pontine Arteries
What arteries supply the LATERAL Pons, Middle Cerebellar Peduncle, Floor of 4th Ventricle, & Pontine Tegmentum?Circumferential Pontine Arteries
What artery supplies the Diencephalon?Posterior Cerebral Artery
What are the Terminal branches of the Basilar Artery?Posterior Cerebral Arteries
What are the 5 branches (types of branches) off the Basilar Artery?AICA, Pontine Arteries, Superior Cerebellar, Post Cerebral, & Labyrinthine
What artery supplies the Inner Ear?Labyrinthine (branch off Basilar Artery)
What 4 arteries supply the Medulla?A. Spinal (paramedian of caudal), P. Spinal (dorsal surface & dorsal inferior cerebellar peduncle), Vertebral Artery, PICA (lateral medulla)
Occlusion of branches of what artery (not the complete occlusion of the artery itself) will cause Medial Medullary Syndrome?branches off A. Spinal (supplying caudal medial Medulla)
What are the symptoms of Medial Medullary Syndrome?CONTRAlateral Hemiplegia (pyramids/corticospinal), CONTRAlateral loss of Position Sense (vibratory and discriminative touch, Medial Lemniscus), IPSILATERAL Deviation/Paralysis of tongue (hypoglossal nucleus)
What syndrome is associated with Ipsilateral Toungue Deviation and Contralateral Hemiplegia & Loss of Position Sense?Medial Medullary Syndrome