Blood Vessels Part 2

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What is an anastomatic veinConnection between paired veins
What is a superficial vein and where is it foundSub Q layer; Has no accompanying artery
What is a deep vein and where is it foundTravels between skeletal muscles; connect with superficial veins
Do valves allow flow deep to superficial or superficial to deepsuperficial to deep (important in varicose veins)
What are varicose veins caused byleaky valves which allow back flow to superficial veins

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64% of your blood volume is found in what?Systemic veins and venules
What are the 3 categories of Systemic circulation?Coronary, cerebral and hepatic portal circulation
What is pulmonary circulationR. ventricle to lungs (gas exchange) to L. atrium
What are the 3 circulatory routesSystemic, Fetal and pulmonary circulation
What is Systemic Circulation?The transport of oxygenated blood from L. ventricle to capillaries and deoxygenated blood from capillaries to R. atrium

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What are the 4 principle divisions of the aorta and its branchesAscending aorta, aortic arch, thoracic, abdominal
The ascending aorta supplies what?The R. and L. coronary arteries
The 3 major vessels or the aorta arch (hat supply the head and arms) are what (ABCS)The brachiocephalic trunk, L. common carotid artery, L. Subclavian artery.
The Brachiocephalic trunk it broke down into what 2 categoriesR. common carotid a., R. Subclavian a.
The R. and L. common carotid a split into the External and internal carotid
The external carotid is used as aPulse point
The internal carotid braches to form theCircle of Willis which supplies the brain

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The Subclaviian and Brachiocephalic are upper limb arteries that branch into what four categoriesAxillary, brachial, radial and ulnar
The thoracic aorta branches into what 2 categoriesParietal and Visceral
The Parietal brach contains whatThoracic wall, spinal meninges, diaphragm
The Visceral branch contains whatPericardium, bronchi and esophagus

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The abdominal aorta has six categories what are they in orderCeliac, Superiod mesentric, renal, gonadal, inferior mesentric, common illiac
Celiac trunk contains whatCommon hepatic a. (liver), L gastric a. (stomach), Splenic a. (speen)
The superior mesenteric a. containsSmall intestine, parts of colon and pancreas
The renal a. contains whatKidneys
The gonadal a. contains?Ovaries and testes
The inferior mesentric a contains?parts of colon and rectum
The common iliac breaks into what categoriesExternal and internal iliac
The External iliac contains?Lower limbs
The internal iliac contains?Uterus, prostate, urinary bladder
The lower limb artery the external iliac a. contains what 4 arteriesFemoral, popliteal, anterior tibial, posterior tibial

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