Blood Vessels (lecture 1 info)

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3 layers of the blood vessel wallTunica interna, media and externa
The Innermost layer of the tunica interna thats in contact with bloodEndothelium
What layer of the Tunica Interna provides support for the endotheliumbasement membrane
The thin sheet of elastic fibers that facilitate diffusion in the Tunica InternaInternal Elastic Lamina
What is the muscular and CT layer of a blood vessel wallTunica Media
Smooth muscle does what to the lumenregulates the diameter
What layer of the blood vessel wall aids in hemostasis (blood clot)Tunica Media
What BV layer has an external elastic lamina (Allows vessels to stretch and recoil)Tunica Media
Which layer contains collagen, nerves and small vessels (vasa vasorum) and help anchor BV to tissuesTunica Externa

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The largest artery and exampleElastic; aorta
Function of elastic arteryPropels blood forward while ventricles are relaxing
Describe vessel wall of an elastic arteryInter and Ext elastic lamina with thick tunica media and many elastic lamellae
Medium sized artery?Muscular artery
Function of muscular arteryMaintain BP/blood flow and can change diameter of vessels
Describe Muscular vessel wallMore smooth muscle, Inter elastic lamina. Thin extern elastic lamina with thick tunica externa
What is anastosomesThe joining of two or more arteries supplying the same region.
Collateral circulationProvides alternate routes for blood to flow.

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Function of arteriolesRegular flow of blood into capillary networks
Vessel wall of arteriolesThin tunica interna, fenestrated internal elastic lamina
What is a pre capillary sphincterregulates flow into capillary
What is a metarterioleTerminal end of arteriole
The smallest BV are?Capillaries
Vessel wall of a capillaryLacks tunica media and tunica eterna
Function of capillariesExchange substances and gases
The more capillaries means moreo2 and energy

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Which capillary has a PM that forms a continuous tube only interrupted by intercellular cleftsContinous
Which capillary has many fenestrations?Fenestrated
Which capillary is wide with large infestations and an incomplete BMSinusoids
What is the portal systemBlood flow from vein to vein (doesn't go to heart)
The smallest venules arePostcapillary venules
Which venules are very porous and site of nutrient exchangePostcapillary
Which venules have 1-2 layers of smooth tissuemuscular venules
Do veins have a smaller or larger lumenLarger
Describe vessel wall of veinsThinner tunica interna, media, and thicker tunica externa. No internal or ext. elastica lamina
Veins contain ? that aid in venous return by preventing back flowvalves
What is a vascular sinusVein with a thin endothelial wall and no smooth muscle

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