Blood Supply of the Heart

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Question Answer
Where do the coronary arteries arise from?The ascending aorta, through openings called coronary ostia
Where does the left coronary artery supply (mainly)?The left atrium, interventricular septum, left ventricle and anterior wall of the right ventricle
Where does the right coronary artery supply?The right atrium, the right ventricle
When are the coronary arteries patent?During diastole
What does the Left main coronary artery divide into?Left anterior descending and circumflex
Where does the LAD run?The anterior interventricular sulcus towards the apex, and then runs up the posterior interventricular sulcus
Where does the circumflex run?The left atrioventricular groove, terminating on posterior/inferior aspect between left and right atrium
What does the circumflex give rise to?The Left marginal branch
What is the intermediate artery?An artery in one third of patients that arises between the LAD and circumflex
Where does the right coronary artery arise from?The right aortic sinus, running along the right atrioventricular groove
What does the right coronary artery give rise to?The posterior descending artery and right marginal branch
Where does the PDA run?Posterior interventricular sulcus

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