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11.52 months
12.06 months - 2 years
12.52-6 years
13.56-12 years
14.0females 12-18
14.5males 12-18

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ITPlow platlet count
HSPnormal platlet count
triad: arthritis, abdominal pain, purpura HSP
follows viral illness: rubella, mono, chicken pox, spring/fall highestITP
usually follows a URI by 1-3 weeksITP
group a strep common triggerHSP
inherited typeITP
intracranial hemmorrhages and cephaltomas in newbornsITP
unusual amount of bleeding follwing heel stick, circ ITP
oral bleeding, soft tissue and bleeding in scrotumITP
joint bleedsevident by joint swelling, tenderness
ITP treatmenthematology
most common acquired platelet disorderITP
Platelet count <20,000ITP
ages 2-7ITP
frequently after URI 1-3 weeks fall and springITP
purpuric lesionsITP last several weeks to months
bleeding from mucous membranes, GI tract, Urinary tractITP
CBC with diff, PT/PTT/INR, LFTS, stool and urine for blood, HIVITP
ITP DDxALL, meningococcemia, JRA, child abuse
supply missing or deficient clotting factor to achieve homeostasis ITP
ITP pain managementTYLENOL ONLY
contraindicated Aspirin and NSAIDsITP
bedrest, ice and compression, immunizationsITP
dental/surgical proceduresneed to be done under hematologist supervision
helments when toddlers learning to walk, no contact sportsITP

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plumbismlead ingestion
mexican/asian/indian folk remidiescontain up to 86% lead
contaminated soil, food/drinking waterlead poisoning
iron and calcium defifency lead poisoning
excessive diet fat intake can increase GI lead absorptionlead poisoning
mild s/s: abd pain, anorexia, n/v/d/c, listlessness headacheslead poisoning
severe s/s: hearing loss, behavior changes, developmental or growth delays, irritable, coordination and balancelead poisoning
less than 10normal range
10-14at risk, screen in 3-4 months
15-19environment/nutritional counceling, seperate child from source of lead, recheck level every 3-4 months until returns to normal
20-44enviro/nutrition counceling, iron replacement if needed, recheck level every month until below 20 twice, then every 3-4 months until normal, consider chelation therapy
45=above inspect home/nutrition counceling, start chelation therapy, iron replacement, check level 1-2 weeks then monthly until normal than every 3 months.
lead is stored in bonesblood levels may increase as lead is released
foods rich in iron and calciumlean meat, poultry, dried beans/peas, peanut butter, eggs, fortified cereals, greens, rasins, prune juice, molasses, diary products