Blog Post - Simpler User Interface

Updated 2010-04-07 22:01

Apr 7, 2010

Two new user-interface features aimed at ease of use have been released.

New Table Look and Feel

Memorize tables are now easier to understand and use, with green, prominent buttons and better keyboard shortcuts. Here's an example of the new look:


How to start | Click a "start memorizing" button
Keyboard shortcut for "I was right" | r
Keyboard shortcut for other buttons | w


With these and other subtle improvements to the memorization process, the pages you create will now be easier understand by the people you share them with.

Simpler Wiki Syntax

The wiki syntax now uses characters that are familiar to new users. The wiki syntax is what you see when you edit pages.


A heading is now "= My Heading" and table rows are now "my : row". Formerly the "|" character was used.