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Updated 2011-03-21 10:08

Mar 21, 2011

Pages you create can now be private. This means they are only accessible by you and any people you choose to share with. Private pages are great if you're creating training material for your company that you don't want the world to see.

How to create private pages

Click the "Create" button (top of page) as you usually would. When you're ready to save, click the "or change to private..." link next to the save button:



Then, if you'd like the page to be accessible to only you, choose the "private" option. If you want to share the page with others, choose the "private with sharephrase" option. When you save you'll be prompted to enter a sharephrase, which is a short phrase you can give to others that will let them access the page.


After saving, to share your page with someone click "Share" (top of page) to create a special sharelink that you can send to someone, that will let them access the page without entering the sharephrase. Or, you can give someone the sharephrase and the normal url of the page.


If you share your private page with someone, they will be able to click "edit" to create their own version of it. By default you'll then get an email with a link to their version, showing the changes they made. Then, if you edit their version they'll be sent a similar email, etc. You'll notice the usernames of people will show up under a "Shared with" section on the page. They serve as quick ways to navigate to their version, as well as grants them access to your version without requiring a sharephrase or sharelink.


You can create four private pages for free. If you want to create more we ask that you pay a small monthly fee. As always, you can create an unlimited number of public pages for free.


Private pagesPages only you can access (or others you share them with)
"or change to private..." linkWhen creating, use this link (to make a private page)
SharephraseOption that lets you share private pages
SharelinkSpecial url that lets someone access the page (without knowing the sharephrase)
How to share private pagesClick "Share" and send someone the sharelink, or give someone the sharephrase (and the normal url)

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