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Blog Post - New Version Launch

Updated 2009-05-30 12:27

Sept 26, 2009

The long-awaited new version of has launched!

Among the new features

New home at (site was formerly at
Share your pages right after you edit them (no approval process is necessary!)
Custom usernames and passwords
Compare your versions to other users' versions
New memorize paragraph feature
Multiple choice mode
Editing while memorizing
New wiki spam protection

New home at users' edits have been migrated to When you visit you will be redirected to

Ability to share your pages

Immediately after you edit a page, you can copy the url and send it to a friend, or post it on twitter or facebook etc., via the "share" link on the right of the page.

Accounts with custom usernames and passwords

Go to Your Account to create a username and password. It will maintain your edits.

Comparing your versions to other users' versions

Click the "all" link (top of page) to view another user's version. Then click the "compare" link (right of page).

New memorize paragraph feature

Create paragraphs with terms to be memorized surrounded by 'single quotes'. Here's an example:


The symbol for Aluminum is predictably Al. Confusingly, the sybol for Copper is Cu. Among the oddest are Tin with the symbol Sn, and Lead with the symbol Pb.

New mode: Multiple choice

You'll see a "multiple choice" link when memorizing a table. See Memorize Quickstart.

Editing while memorizing

You can double-click on a row while in the process of memorizing to edit it. At the moment it doesn't work for memorize paragraphs though. See Editing Quickstart.

New wiki spam protection

New edits aren't shown to search engines for several days, before which point spam (promotional content) will be removed.

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