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Blog Post - New Look

Updated 2010-05-20 16:01

May 20, 2010

After quite a bit of feedback from you (thanks for that) we've launched a new look with much simpler navigation and a more useful home page.

New logo and layout

The logo and the layout of the site have been revamped, with simplicity in mind. We'll miss the old orange header and so will some of you, but based on the feedback many of you will not:)


Simpler navigation

The links on the top and right have been streamlined. The "memorize", "create", and "share" buttons at the top show you a quick dashboard for each, to let you more easily find what you want.

New home page

The home page now has samples you can click through to get a quick idea of the kind of pages you can create and find. It also has an animated demo of how memorize tables work.

Demo on content pages

For users that come to the site for the first time, each table shows a small animated demo at the top. You can click 'hide' to make it go away. We're interested in feedback about it. It's small and there's no sound, so hopefully it provides more clarity than it gets in the way.

Business uses

The samples on the home page highlight many of the various uses of pages, including the various compilling business uses such as building a knowledge base, training materials, quickly bringing new employees up to speed, sales training, or just communicating in a concise no-nensense way.