Blog Post - Badges

Updated 2011-04-16 10:08

Apr 16, 2011

Now when you complete all the tables on a page you are awarded a badge!


How to get badges

Click the "memorize" buttons and review all tables on a page, in whichever mode you prefer. You'll notice the tables turn green as you complete them. Once you review them all (without navigating away from the page) you'll be given a badge.


The badge you get will reflect which mode or modes you used (flashcard, matching, or multiple choice).

Who can see your badges

If you leave the checkbox checked (see the above image) the badge will be displayed on your profile as well as under "Recent badges" on the page you reviewed. Other people who view the page or the profile will see your badge. If you uncheck the checkbox it won't be displayed anywhere.

Showing your badges on Facebook

When you are signed in and get a badge there will also be a checkbox in the dialog to share the badge on Facebook. Check it if you want to tell your friends about what you learned. They'll see the badge icon in their newsfeed as well as a link back to the page so they can learn it themselves.

Creating training material

Badges work on all pages. You can easily create a page and send the url to colleagues or friends, then see who has completed the page by looking at the "Recent badges" section at the bottom of the page.