BLCU - Kouyu lesson 2

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Question Answer
选课xuan ke = to select course
选修课xuanxiuke = elective course
课表kebiao = school timetable; schedule of courses
方面fangmian = aspect; respect
men = a measure word for large courses
讲座jiangzuo = lecture; course of lectures
另外lingwai; in addition; moreover
概况gaikuang = survey; general situation/ summary
正式zhengshi = official; formal
出版chuban = to publish; to come off the press
试用shiyong = to be on probation; to try out
试听shiting = to try out course
顺便shunbian = by the way; in addition to what one is already doing, without much extra effort
除了chule = besides; in addition to
必修课bixiuke = require course
赞成zancheng = to agree with/ approve/ endorse
吃力chili = requiring effort; strenuous
急于求成jiyuqiucheng = impatient for success
胖子pangzi = fat person