Black people in a white people's country

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first africans in north america go whereJamestown colony, probably as indentured servants
bodies of law stripping afs of rightsslave codes. these also reduced them to pieces of property or chattel w kids inheriting that status
why did slavery startracial prejudice and labor needs
largest forced migration in historyatlantic slave trade
slavery then not dudejohn newton was a slave trader turned minister who fought for abolition.
when was the beginning of african ameican life in america17th century
effects of african slave trade for whitesbuild european colonial empires and make money which allowed the industrial revolution to begin.
slave trade createdlines of communication
where did african and english relations beginiberian colonies.
first european on the west african coastPortuguese sea captain Gonzalez
af skill in farming derivd fromskill in iron production
african empireskingdom of ghana, mali
where was most gold to the west fromwestern sudan
slave trade officially begins whenportuguese captain ruy do sequeira reached the cost of benin and recieves royal permission to trade for gold, ivory, slaves.
who initially sold slavesAfricans
trading was initially confined tocoastal strongholds where slaves were sold on terms set by african sellers.
slaves initially sold to/ meant toslavery before occassionally took place and were sent to roman europe and the middle east. this provided the mediterranean with soldiers, servants, and artisans.
which crops caused the use of slavery in the new worldsugar, coffee, and tobacco. bc there was a greater demand for human labor.
slaves also callednegros, black gold
who did africans initially sell in slave tradecriminals and people captured in war.
which crop alterred slave trade, how sosugar, which portuguese controlled. created overseas plantation society based on slave labor.
who controlled sugarfirst the portuguese, then brazil, then the caribbean
sugar known asproletarian hunger killers
what did africa get in exchange for slavesbar iron and textiles
how do african kings attain slaves after the demand is more than there are criminalswarfare and european guns
what did european nations fight amongst themselves fortrading advantages and coastal forts on the west african coast, monopolies for supplying plantations and annual quotas become a major issue. dutch are the victors
what was one coastal fortelima on the gold coast
how did england officially get involved in the slave tradecharles ii granted a charter to the royal adventurers to africa joint stock company headed by the duke of york. this became the royal african company and it enjoyed exclusive rights to carry slaves to englands overseas plantations. eventually merchants began demanding to get involved so the slave trade grew.
where were a majority of english north america slaves fromwestern africa. this caused depopulation in africa.
once captured, slaves marched tothe sea in coffles which were trains. then they were herded into fortified enclosures called barracoons where they were examined.
what was part of the reason slaves were treated so grotesquely it was all a psychological process to strip slaves of their self respect and self identity. also to stifle insurrectionist tendencies.
torture toolthe speculum oris was a mouth opener that wrenches apart the jaw.
africans would not be described assubmissive.
why were the english in the new worldto make a fortune and build religious and political havens.
who were the english copyingspanish, dtuch, and portuguese.
why did the south shift its economy, what did it shift it toshift to slave based agricultural economy bc since the english adopted the slave trade, slaves were cheaper and there were more of them than there were white indentured servants.
did the north or south have more slaves, whyin the north slavery was only occassional bc there were less crops there.
new yorks slavery dealionew york was owned by the dutch east india company so it was the top importer of slaves in north america.
legal codes bad for africansblack codes. these made hereditary life time service v important.
interracial marriageshameful matches- marriages between black slaves and white women. manumission of slaves was banned
how did slave owners deal w fear of insurrectioninstitutionalized violence.